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Top 10 Friday the 13th Movies (Ranked!)

AHHHH YAY-UHH! Today's the day, friends. The annual unofficial horror holiday...FRIDAY THE 13TH! Halloween notwithstanding, this has to be the best day of the year for horror fans, right? That is, unless you have a problem with my man Voorhees and his ruthless day of reckoning. If so, get the fuck out of here Jack, we don't need your kind. We're all about the hockey mask around here, and...
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Kill of the Day: Cellar Dweller (1988)

While searching for today's Kill of the Day I stumbled upon something great folks. I'm talking one of those one-in-a-hundred kills that just oozes awesomeness. Now this scene is only seconds long and features a disgusting creature swatting some dude's head off. Yeah. The creature just swats at this guy and swipes his head clean off. Pretty awesome stuff! So for today's Kill go ahead and...
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Top 10 Horror Psychics!

So, what do you guys and gals think of the CARRIE remake, opening today? Word is the cast and crew went back and reshot a bunch of shite in order to make the flick worthy of a hard-R rating. You think they pulled it off? Like most remakes, I personally find this a completely unneeded one, but damn if I'd ever pass on seeing such a juicy role played by Julianne Moore. And Chloe Moretz? Say...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Don Mancini!

"Don Mancini" Barring Brad Dourif, is there a single name more synonymous with Chucky The-Killer-Good-Guy-Doll than Don Mancini?! Don't think so. Over the last 25 years, Mr. Mancini has, in some form or fashion, authored every single CHILD'S PLAY iteration, including the upcoming October release of CURSE OF CHUCKY, which he not only wrote, but directed...
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