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Predator reboot will reinvent the franchise, according to producer

Say, remember when it was announced that a PREDATOR reboot/sequel was in the offing? That was over a year ago, and since then we haven't heard much regarding the project, which is being penned by PREDATOR star Shane Black and his MONSTER SQUAD co-writer Fred Dekker. ( Here's the last significant update we received. ) Black is, after the success of IRON MAN 3, understandably swamped...
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Paramount Insurge options Tommy Wallach's apocalyptic novel We All Looked Up

In an early deal, Paramount Insurge has optioned rights to Tommy Wallach’s forthcoming debut novel WE ALL LOOKED UP, according to Deadline. The novel, which isn't set to hit bookshelves until March 31, 2015 via Simon & Schuster, is a sci-fi tale set... ...two months before a meteor is set to pass through Earth’s orbit with a 66.6 percent chance of...
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Paramount's Insurge Pictures picks up sci-fi thriller script Prism

The micro-budget genre arm of Paramount Pictures, Insurge Pictures, is ready to begin its spate of projects, and word of another has just hit the wire. THR reports that Insurge Pictures is picking up PRISM, a pitch from emerging writer Ian Fried (pictured right), who has had two other scripts land on The Black List: THE EVER AFTER MURDERS and GASLIGHT, which was picked up by Exclusive...
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Zach Gilford and Allison Miller join Radio Silence's mysterious Devil's Due

Radio Silence, the four-man filmmaking team responsible for the final segment in V/H/S (as well as a series of clever/scary short films ), signed on to a mysterious horror project at Fox last December . Back then we knew next to nothing about it, other than it was set to be produced by John Davis and it was allegedly "female-driven." Today, however, some casting news and a title...
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