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Paul Giamatti is still talking up Bubba Nosferatu

Paul Giamatti is one of those A-list guys who seems to have a genuine love for the genre (sort of like Nicholas Cage, but less crazy). The award winning actor most recently hitched his horror movie wagon to director Don Coscarelli's by co-starring in and producing JOHN DIES AT THE END. With the film's release approaching it seems that the pair are still planning to pursue the...
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Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End gets a red-band trailer!

Back in October, we tossed the official trailer for Magnet Releasing's JOHN DIES AT THE END your way. The thing was a real hoot, and seemed hard to top, but now IGN has gone ahead and unveiled a sweet red-band preview for the Don Coscarelli film, which will be available On Demand later this month. Check the flipped-out trailer below, it's as bizarre and profane as could be hoped...
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