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Arrow in The Head is the official media sponsor of PUFF 2017!

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival has my favorite abbreviation and hashtag for a festival, with #PUFF . Classic. The horror fest is gearing up for its second year and we here at AITH are proud to announce that Arrow in the Head will be the cult & horror festival's media sponsor in 2017! AITH will also present the Opening Night film (TBD), and Editor-in-Chief Eric Walkuski and The...
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John Fallon's Heretic with Paul Sloan & Mark Lawson at Frontieres! Poster!

After directing the supernatural spiritual thriller THE SHELTER , John Fallon (who is also the founder of this site) will be returning behind the camera early next year to begin shooting his new action/adventure flick HERETIC! HERETIC is currently in development and is set to star Paul Sloan (I Am Wrath) and Mark Lawson (One Life to Live). The flick will be edited by BATMAN...
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John Fallon's The Shelter with Michael Pare now available on Hulu!

One of the top films I think everyone on this site - and every other site - should check out asap is John Fallon's THE SHELTER which AICN called the " the exact opposite of the feel good movie of the year" . The flick is a fresh take on the haunted house subgenre, an odd blend of drama, horror with religious elements that will keep you guessing until the very (emotional)...
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John Fallon's The Shelter with Michael Pare hits RedBox this Tuesday!

After the sad news that Arrow in the Head founder and head honcho John Fallon (aka The Arrow) would be stepping down as head reviewer for the site , we can find a bit to rejoice in as his feature career seems to be on the up-and-up! Sweet!  As you all know John directed his first feature film this past year (and wrote, and produced) with the slow burn psychological horror...
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The Arrow stepping down as AITH theatrical/new-releases reviewer!

For those who don't know me (yeah, mom), my name is John Fallon (nick named The Arrow here on AITH). I founded this site in the year 2000 (this was my first review...lol) , alongside my hombre JoBlo aka Berge Garabedian (thanks again for the opportunity man), when I was a young horror-loving punk and when the internet was still the Wild West. I did everything myself on the site...
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John Fallon's The Shelter with Michael Pare now on DVD! Exclusive clip!

We've been writing about John Fallon's directorial effort THE SHELTER for some time now, but after all that waiting you can finally grab yourself a physical copy for yourself! How's that for a Happy New Year? The film, which the LA TIMES has called "a concise genre piece that doubles as a heavily metaphorical character sketch” is currently available on...
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Winners! Autographed copy of John Fallon's The Shelter with Michael Pare!

THE WINNERS ARE: James Pare, Barry Dejasu, Randal Mensing, Waldo Mcfenians, Jay Hellums. Your DVDs have been mailed your way! Thanks to all who entered! Our very own John Fallon (Arrow in the Head) debuted his directorial debut, THE SHELTER (GET IT HERE) , this year, which has gone on to get some rave reviews and positive reception from genre fans. Starring Michael...
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DVD sleeve & bonus features revealed for John Fallon's The Shelter!

Having received a theatrical and VOD release back in November, Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon's directorial debut T HE SHELTER (which the LA Times called "remarkably ambitious") will now be heading to DVD on January 3 rd, and distributor Uncork'd Entertainment has revealed the DVD sleeve and the list of bonus features you can expect to find on the disc....
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Being thankful! A word on my directorial debut The Shelter and its release!

Hey guys, Arrow here (yes the mofo that founded the site you're on)! Being that some of you give a shite in terms of what I do outside the site (Right mom?), I figured I’d drop some words here for all 3 of you. As some of you may know, my directorial THE SHELTER , starring MICHAEL PARE got its premiere at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills recently (watch the...
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You can now watch John Fallon's The Shelter on VOD & in select theatres!

“John Fallon’s “The Shelter” is remarkably ambitious. It’s a concise genre piece that doubles as a heavily metaphorical character sketch.” – LA Times “Veteran character actor Michael Paré strikes just the right notes as a man literally haunted by his past. ” – LA Times We've been writing about John...
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We're giving away tickets to an L.A. screening of John Fallon's The Shelter!

UPDATE: THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MORE NAMES. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED! THE SHELTER , the feature directorial debut of John "The Arrow" Fallon, will be having a theatrical run at the Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills from November 4 th through the 10 th. In addition to introducing the film and doing a Q&A at the...
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John Fallon's The Shelter screens at Montreal Requiem Fear Fest this Sunday!

UPDATE! You can now solely pay 5$ to see THE SHELTER as opposed to a 20$ plus ticket to enter the festival and see the film that way. The 5$ ticket will only give you access to the projection rooms and will be available for purchase at a table in the lobby (of the ALT Hotel) on the 7th floor.  Written and directed by Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon, THE SHELTER...
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