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Director Gary Tunnicliffe promises screwed-up scenes in Hellraiser: Judgment

Nearly two years ago, Dimension Films put a new HELLRAISER film into production in an effort to retain the rights to the Clive Barker-created property. Special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe, who has been involved with the franchise for over twenty years, wrote and directed the film, which is titled HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT and stars Paul T. Taylor as the iconic Pinhead. There...
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Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe shares more Hellraiser: Judgment images

Special effects artist/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe has been good about sharing behind-the-scenes images from his film HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT , the tenth installment in the HELLRAISER franchise, and since Dimension Films is being really slow about letting us know when we might be able to see the movie, it's nice to get these BTS shots to help hold us over. Tunnicliffe has a slew...
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Paul T. Taylor discusses playing Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment

It remains to be seen when director Gary Tunnicliffe's HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT , the Weinsteins' new "we have to get a sequel made so we can hold on to the HELLRAISER rights" installment in the series, will be making its way out into the world. (There's also no news on a release for its CHILDREN OF THE CORN counterpart CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY.) It could be...
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You can see Hellraiser: Judgment this Spring

The upcoming  HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT , which actually looks pretty good, is coming... soon! The tenth HELLRAISER flick, which was directed by makeup designer Gary Tunnicliffe, will be arriving on March 28, 2017 , according to a Facebook post by actor Paul T. Taylor. So that means you only have four months to prepare for one more descent into Hell! HELLRAISER:...
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Check out Pinhead and The Auditor from Hellraiser: Judgment!

As HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT continues to fight through post-production, a defining image has been released. This can change everything about your opinion on this tenth flick in the HELLRAISER franchise, because it's the first full light depiction of Pinhead himself, played in this entry by Paul T. Taylor. He is also joined by The Auditor, who has been described...
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Director Gary Tunnicliffe shares Hellraiser: Judgment images

Earlier this year, HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT , the tenth installment in the HELLRAISER franchise, was filmed in Oklahoma with the series' longtime special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe at the helm. With the movie now in post, Tunnicliffe took to his personal website to share a few words about the making of JUDGMENT, as well as some behind-the-scenes images. Citing Hieronymus...
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Children of the Corn: Runaway confirmed, details revealed

Last week , the rumor emerged that Dimension Films had secretly put a new CHILDREN OF THE CORN sequel into production, just as they had done with HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT (and several years ago CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS and HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS), in order to retain their rights to the property. Bloody-Disgusting has now been able to confirm that a sequel in indeed currently...
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Hellraiser: Judgment is rated R, check out new behind-the-scenes photo

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT director Gary Tunnicliffe spoke to the kind folks at Dread Central about the tenth entry in the franchise, releasing a cool new backstage photo in the process. You can check out the bloody, urban, black-and-white photo below! But perhaps the most important bit of information to come out of this interview regards the film's rating. A lot of films have...
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A Children of the Corn sequel may currently be filming

Dimension Films wants to remake HELLRAISER and the 1984 Stephen King adaptation CHILDREN OF THE CORN (which already received a remake that Dimension wasn't involved with back in 2009). Problem is, they can't quite seem to get these projects off the ground, so in order to retain the rights to the properties they have to put other HELLRAISER and CHILDREN OF THE CORN projects...
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Scope out the new Pinhead in this Hellraiser: Judgment poster!

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT is now officially in post-production, so we're allowed to get our first glimpse of Paul T. Taylor, Doug Bradley's newest replacement as the villainous Cenobite Pinhead! You can check out his new look via this poster, which looks a bit less polished than most. However, it still features a good look at the new make-up, as overseen by director Gary...
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Paul T. Taylor is Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment

After playing the iconic Cenobite Pinhead in eight films, Doug Bradley decided not to return for 2011's HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS. That didn't stop the filmmakers from including Pinhead in the movie, though. Stephan Smith Collins was the actor chosen to replace Bradley under the pins, and the horror community didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. As previously...
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Teaser for SyFy's Zombie Night from John Gulager, director of Feast franchise

I think we can all admit that most SyFy Original Movies leave a lot to be desired. Sure, some are fun (I laughed all the way through SHARKNADO...I loved it and I don't care who knows it!), but the majority are downright terrible (I'm looking at you, CHUPACABRA VS. THE ALAMO). But this Saturday SyFy will be premiering a new original flick that not only features a pretty decent...
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