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New Orleans vampire flick Nocturna will keep you up all night this October

Are you tired of soppy romantic bloodsuckers? Brooding ancient goths? If you've been waiting for a vampire flick with new ideas to break through the waters,  NOCTURNA might just be your bag. It's got everything you've never imagined in a vamp movie... and more! Christmas! New Orleans! Detectives searching for missing children! If the movie is as fascinating...
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Trailer for sci-fi thriller Vice, starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane

On Monday we brought you the poster for Brian A. Miller's upcoming sci-fi thriller VICE, which stars Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, and Ambyr Childers in a tale centering on a resort where customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look like humans, and today we've got a trailer for the flick to share with ya. I'm just not feeling this...
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New poster for Vice, starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane

The mostly under the radar thriller VICE —directed by Brian A. Miller—now has a new poster, featuring a squinty-eyed Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane with weird hair, and Ambyr Childers running in really tight pants. There’s nothing wrong with that, I suppose. VICE has gone mostly unnoticed, which makes me think it’ll be dumped straight to VOD sometime in the near...
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New trailer for After Dark Originals' Dark Circles

Earlier this month we shared the news that the After Dark Original horror film DARK CIRCLES would be hitting DVD on May 21. Today we have a new trailer for the haunted house flick which, while shorter, showcases more terrifying elements from the film than the first trailer we shared with you back in January. Directed by Broken Lizard alum Paul Soter, DARK CIRCLES stars Jonathan...
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Uncover the trailer for After Dark Orignal horror flick Dark Circles

A new year means a new lineup of After Dark Originals, the second wave of which kicks off with Paul Soter's haunted house chiller DARK CIRCLES . It's been almost a full year since unrolling a poster for the flick, but now have the trailer for you to get down with. So get low already! Starring the likes of Jonathan Schaech, Pell James (below), Jennifer Foreman, Andrea Frankle,...
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