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Rob Zombie's 31 four-hour making-of documentary now available on iTunes!

Say what you will about Rob Zombie's films. I all but worship the man (yeah, I'm one of those guys, "wanna fight about it?"), but one thing we can agree on is the man knows how to put together one hell of a making-of documentary. The making of THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is one of my all-time favorites, and the 4+ hr. documentary included on the HALLOWEEN (2007) 3-disc...
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Halloween-set horror film Honeyspider hits DVD October 6th

Maxim Media's Brain Damage Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to HONEYSPIDER , an indie horror film set on Halloween 1989, and will be putting it out on DVD just in time for Halloween 2015, giving it a release date of October 6th. Written and produced by Kenny Caperton, owner of the home in North Carolina that faithfully recreates the appearance of the...
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Rob Zombie's 31 to have an extensive Making Of documentary

Two of Rob Zombie's previous filmmaking endeavors have had incredible documentaries made about them, documentaries which followed Zombie throughout the process of making the films and ended up being longer than the movies they were about. For THE DEVIL'S REJECTS , there was 30 DAYS IN HELL, which covered every day of the thirty day shoot and ran nearly two and a half...
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The dead mingle with the living in the first trailer for Honeyspider

Josh Hasty’s Halloween-set chiller HONEYSPIDER is kicking off the month of October in just the right way as a trailer for the cult horror throwback is here just in time for its premiere on October 18th at the historic Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It's an unnerving, well-paced trailer that just barely lifts the curtains on the terrors that lurk within this indie...
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Indie horror Honeyspider crawls onto some new stills and a poster

A cool indie horror flick caught our eye today by the name of HONEYSPIDER , from indie filmmakers Josh Hasty and Kenny Caperton. What exactly caught our eye? First off, it has a kickass poster featuring a carved pumpkin and a bloody knife; that's one hell of a combination! And then there's the fact that the film takes place during best time of year, Halloween! HONEYSPIDER is...
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