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Is John Kramer back in the Spierig Brothers' Saw: Legacy?

Back in October, we shared some behind-the-scenes images from the filming of SAW: LEGACY , the upcoming eighth installment in the SAW franchise, that showed the grave of John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw, the twisted trapmaker at the center of the series. Kramer died in SAW III , but his work has lived on through four, soon to be five sequels. In SAW: LEGACY, it looks like Kramer's...
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Mandela Van Peebles cast in the Spierig Brothers' Saw: Legacy

While 2017 continues to creep toward the October 27 th release of SAW: LEGACY , the eighth installment in the SAW franchise and the return of SAW after a seven year break (turns out that 2010's SAW 3D was yet another "final chapter" that wasn't so final), Lionsgate is gradually leaking out casting news, letting us know some of the actors who were on the set when...
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Laura Vandervoort and Hannah Anderson get trapped in Saw: Legacy

SAW: LEGACY , the eighth entry in the SAW franchise, successfully made it through production without its shroud of secrecy slipping off much at all, but with its release date still nine months away Lionsgate has decided to throw fans a bone and confirm the involvement of two of the film's cast members. Those cast members are Laura Vandervoort (pictured above), whose credits...
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The CW's Weaveworld adaptation gets new writer

Now that HBO is seeing success with its Westworld series, the CW has renewed work on its Clive Barker adaptation  Weaveworld because the world of TV is a very linguistically confusing place. Although writer Jack Kenny was formerly attached to develop the project, he was scrapped about six months ago and the network has finally hired his replacement. Taking up the mantle...
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Saw: Legacy may have disturbed Jigsaw's final resting place

Back in 1984, the decision was made to try to bring the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise to an end with its fourth installment, which was titled FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER . Jason Voorhees, the killer at the center of the series, was seemingly killed off for good in the climax of the film, but in the movie business money is more powerful than a machete to the head, so when THE FINAL...
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Saw: Legacy gets an October 2017 release date

"If it's Halloween, it must be SAW." For seven years in a row, Lionsgate released a SAW film into theatres just in time to allow moviegoers to spend their Halloween season taking in the cringe-inducing, appalling spectacle of people being caught in Jigsaw's traps. Then 2010's SAW 3D was promoted as being the franchise's "final chapter", and...
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The Spierig Brothers may be directing Saw: Legacy

Lionsgate is being so secretive about the making of SAW: LEGACY , the eighth installment in the SAW franchise, that almost everything we're finding out about it so far is being gleaned from the websites of unions and corporations involved with the project rather than official announcements from the studio. It was through an International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees...
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Saw: Legacy might start filming in September

Although I grew up on '80s slashers, I was also born in the '80s, so I didn't get to see the majority of the slashers I love during their first run theatrical releases. Franchises were pumping out sequels on a yearly basis back then, and if I had been a moviegoer during a decade in which the FRIDAY THE 13TH series only missed releasing a sequel in two out ten years (1983 and...
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Saw 8 is actually coming!

It's not often that a horror franchise flick that proclaims it's the "final chapter"actually ends the series. That's how we saw 3 more Freddy movies after FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE . Hell, FRIDAY THE 13TH has had  two  final chapters and is still going strong. But after  SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER closed in 2010, scarcely a rumble was...
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First clip from Josh Stolberg's Crawlspace starring David Koechner

You can catch Josh Stolberg's CRAWLSPACE on Hulu right now, but if you’d like to get a little taste of the thriller before you check it out then we’ve got you covered with this new clip featuring David Koechner. Stolberg, who is best known as the writer of PIRAHNA 3D and SORORITY ROW , directs CRAWLSPACE, which stars Steven Weber, Lori Loughlin, Jonathan Silverman, David...
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Hulu Plus nabs Crawlspace, from Piranha 3D writer Josh Stolberg

It's been almost two years since we last heard any word on Josh Stolberg's CRAWLSPACE, with our last report coming back in July of 2012 when we shared the poster for the home invasion flick with you. Now Variety is reporting that Hulu Plus has picked up the film from digital studio Vuguru, where it will debut on their streaming platform in the coming weeks. Stolberg,...
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