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Dementia 13 (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a wealthy family reunites at an isolated castle estate to mourn the death of a child, each member must also reckon with a vengeful ghost, an axe-murderer and a trove of long-buried secrets. REVIEW: Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen Francis Ford Coppola’s 1963 “debut” film DEMENTIA 13? Now hoist your hand even higher if you were clamoring...
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Missing things and a scantily clad woman in exclusive Dementia 13 clip

There are several things missing in this EXCLUSIVE clip from director Richard LeMay's upcoming film DEMENTIA 13 . There are items missing from around the house, there's a guy named John whose exact whereabouts are unknown, and a character played by Ana Isabelle doesn't have all of her clothes on just yet, since she is fresh out of the shower. Isabelle shares the scene...
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Trailer: A slasher tears a family apart in remake of Coppola's Dementia 13

The 1963 film DEMENTIA 13 , which was written/directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Roger Corman, is in the public domain, which is why it's often included in sets of older movies, right alongside the likes of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and CARNIVAL OF SOULS. But while lots of people have exploited NIGHT's public domain status over the years to make their own films and...
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