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Scream Factory reveals Phantom of the Paradise Blu-ray extras

Last year we learned that Brian De Palma's 1974 cult classic PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE would be coming to Blu-ray from the fine folks at Scream Factory as part of their "Summer of Fear" celebration, later getting our first look at the Blu-ray art in March. Now Scream Factory has taken to their official Facebook page to reveal the final (and stacked) list of extras for...
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Scream Factory's Blu-ray art for Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise

The folks over at Scream Factory have unveiled the cover art for their upcoming release of Brian DePalma’s classic 1974 film PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE with art by Justin Osbourn. Osbourn was also the artist behind some of Scream Factory's other titles like PRINCE OF DARKNESS , THE FOG and LIFEFORCE . You can dig up PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE's blu-ray art below!...
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Scream Factory unveils Blu-ray artwork for The Fog

Like you need to even look at it to know that it's badass. That's right, Scream Factory is back with another fantastic piece of artwork for their upcoming Blu-ray/DVD collector's edition of John Carpenter's THE FOG . The Centenary of the small sea town, Antonio Bay, is approaching. While the townsfolk prepare to celebrate, the victims of the crime that founded the town rise from the...
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