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Sink your teeth into the Jersey Shore Massacre trailer

Courtesy of Apple, we have below the first official trailer for the asinine slasher mock-up JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE . You know what though, with the tagline - "You're Not The Only One Who Wants Them Dead" added at the end - it seems the filmmakers are firmly in on the joke. Once again, let's pray to the heavens the entire greased-up cast gets slaughtered six ways to Sunday! With...
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Jersey Shore Massacre lands August VOD date

In case you actually give a damn - and I can't see why you would unless every single vapid character dies a slow, gruesome death of epic proportions (hey, maybe they will) - JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE is poised to hit the VOD circuit on August 26th. This, coming just 4 days after its apparent theatrical bow on the 22nd. Yes, news is slow today! Starring Danielle Dallacco, Sal...
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Jersey Shore Massacre drops new stills and key art

Yes, "Jersey Shore" star JWOWW produced a movie, and yes, it's called JERSEY SHORE MASSACRE . And of course, it's an on-the-nose parody of the reality show that made her so… famous. (For lack of a better word.) Today we've got a batch of stills and poster to share for the film, so break out the tanning lotion and pump that fist! Or whatever - this parody is sadly about four years too...
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Jersey Shore's JWOWW to executive produce Jersey Shore Massacre

I'll gladly admit that I never, not once, watched an episode of MTV's "Jersey Shore", but that didn't mean I could escape the shows reach as it became ingrained into popular culture, with the stars appearing in everything from commercials to guest appearances on other programs, with their unique lexicon seeping into conversations I had with people who used to be my...
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