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Alchemy will take you to Charlie's Farm on November 3rd

If you've seen MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (and if you haven't, why haven't you?), one of the characters who might have stood out to you is Rictus Erectus, largely because of the size of the man playing him, 6'11" powerlifter/retired wrestler Nathan Jones. When there's someone that size in the acting world, the horror genre can't just let them pass by, and Australian writer/director Chris Sun...
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Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley collect victims in the Old 37 trailer

Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley are two of the coolest horror icons working today, and from time to time they find themselves working on the same set. They share the screen in the upcoming film OLD 37 , which Epic Pictures and Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on October 6th, paired as serial killer siblings. The plot: After losing her father and...
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William Froste cast continues packing in the horror icons

Horror movies typically have rather small casts, but that is not the case with director Natalie Bible's WILLIAM FROSTE . It's going to contain a whole bunch of characters, and nearly all of the people who appear on the screen will be familiar faces from the genre. When we first heard of WILLIAM FROSTE, the cast already consisted of Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill...
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Old 37, starring Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, to hit DVD/Blu on October 6

OLD 37 , a long-awaited film starring Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley that's not to be confused with SMOTHERED, another long-awaited film the duo co-starred in that we recently gave an update on, is finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray just in time for the Halloween season. Epic Pictures and Anchor Bay Canada have set a street date of October 6th for the home video release. Hodder...
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Smothered, starring Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, set for a February release

The last time we heard of SMOTHERED , a horror/comedy written and directed by DUKES OF HAZZARD star John Schneider, there was hope that it might make a late 2013 release date. Obviously that didn't pan out, but Indican Pictures have now announced that they will be giving the film a theatrical release in February of 2016, with VOD and DVD to follow. Featuring a genre all star...
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P.J. Soles and John Dugan join the all-star cast of William Froste

The upcoming WILLIAM FROSTE is already packed to the gills with classic horror actors and actresses including a Jason, a Michael, and a bevy of Elm Street alumni, but two more have joined the legion. P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN) and John Dugan (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE) have both signed on to the picture as "Polly Black" and "Sherriff Lew Cotton"...
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Hodder, Moseley, Mane, and more horror all-stars assemble for William Froste

As horror film WILLIAM FROSTE gears up to enter production in September, director Natalie Bible' and producer Brieanna Steele of Absinthe Productions have been busy gathering together a cast almost entirely made up of popular genre actors from iconic films and franchises. The full cast includes Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill Moseley, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael...
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Anchor Bay & Epic Pictures go for a ride in Old 37, starring Kane Hodder

The Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley-starring psychoslasher OLD 37 has partnered with Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and Epic Pictures Group for the film’s North American distribution. Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada will be handling the Canadian market, while Epic’s growing distribution division, Epic Pictures Releasing, will be handling the United States. In other words,...
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Steve Wolsh's Muck shatters a new clip, starring Kane Hodder

Arrow regulars outta be very familiar with this one—Steve Wolsh's MUCK will see its limited theatrical release in just a few days on Friday the 13th (awesome!), before hitting shelves on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, March 17th. To properly prepare you for the blood-soaked madness, Anchor Bay has released a vicious new clip. Dig it below! You can pre-order MUCK on...
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Stab into this Exclusive clip from Steve Wolsh's Muck, starring Kane Hodder

On tap for ya this morning we have an EXCLUSIVE and bloody clip from Steve Wolsh's MUCK, which looks like a bloody love letter filled with just the sort of jolts horror fans have been waiting to hear and see. After checking out this clip, which features a hottie defending her life with an agricultural implement, I'm completely sold on wanting to check this one out. The...
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Dissecting Jason Voorhees!

JASON VOORHEES! GET FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HERE Okay friendos, let's hear about it...how was your Friday the 13th? You still tipsy or what? Did you have any sinister black-cat encounters or suffer any ill-fated superstitions of some kind? Or better yet, did you make some much deserved, celebratory time for Mr. FRIDAY THE 13TH himself,...
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A new clip from Steve Wolsh's Muck, starring Kane Hodder, crashes in

Last month we learned that Steve Wolsh's MUCK would be hitting theaters on Friday, March 13, and arriving on Blu-ray and DVD a few days later on March 17. To get you stoked about checking this one out we've got a new NSFW-ish clip for ya to check out. I've dug everything we've seen so far from MUCK, which looks like a bloody love letter filled with just the sort...
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