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Horror Whores: Scary Movie (2000)

So what's the ideal position for a Horror Whore to be in? About to do her thing, right? When you've got a horror hottie about to get down I'd go ahead and consider her a horror whore. Doesn't take much, right? For today's Horror Whores we're going with Regina Hall, who isn't a horror whore in her own right. Now Hall has dabbled in our genre with the SCARY MOVIE franchise and such but...

Horror Whores: Scary Movie (2000)

Today I woke up and you know what it felt like? It felt like a Shannon Elizabeth kind of day. So here I am folks, getting my fix. For today we've got this sexy scene from the 2000 classic SCARY MOVIE, Of course I use the term classic loosely. For today's Horror Whores we've got Elizabeth showing her stuff on the beauty pageant runway. She easily takes the crown in this schmuck's eyes....


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