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Face-Off: Chopping Mall Vs. Deadly Friend

There was little to no doubt that the proper winner was crowned in our last Face-Off . Indeed, Fright Night does seem to reign supreme as one of the best horror/comedy vampire films ever and bested Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie). Thankfully, readers were still kind enough to show some love toward the Buffster's underrated and fun first outing. Still, Peter Vincent would not be...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Catherine Mary Stewart!

CATHERINE MARY STEWART THEN : If you hadn’t heard, we here at Arrow in the Head recently hosted an awesome little event along with Flicks for Fans called The Lethal Ladies of Horror Fest. At this magical evening I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of lovely and talented actresses from one of my favorite Eighties flicks. NIGHT OF THE COMET offered the...
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Exclusive! AITH's Lethal Ladies of Horror Fest video recap & interviews!

There is nothing better than sharing in classic genre movies with fans ready to experience some of the coolest flicks on the planet and then some. After last year’s EVIL DEAD FEST it was a no-brainer that Arrow in the Head would want to join up with Flicks for Fans and create an unforgettable night out at the movies. In fact, a couple Saturday’s ago when the...
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Arrow in the Head Presents Lethal Ladies of Horror Fest this Saturday!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! GUEST UPDATE: Christine will have a pre-car viewing Q&A with Keith Gordon and Alexandra Paul! If you live in the Los Angeles area or would simply like to visit, this is the time to do it. Flicks for Fans and Arrow in the Head are proud to announce the LETHAL LADIES OF HORROR FILM FESTIVAL this coming Saturday, March 29th, 2014 in...
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Where in the Horror are They Now? Kelli Maroney!

KELLI MARONEY THEN : There is one thing that made cheerleaders awesomely hot in the Eighties. Perky, blonde, sexy, tough and just plain fun! All of these qualities were in abundance with the lovely and talented actress Kelli Maroney! This outrageously cool talent had the chance to appear in a little movie that was ahead of its time… the cult classic NIGHT OF THE...
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New celeb guests! Arrow in the Head Presents Lethal Ladies of Horror Fest LA!

After Arrow in the Head had the pleasure of hosting the incredible EVIL DEAD FEST earlier this year there was only one question that we had on our minds: how do we top that event? Our answer: Arrow in the Head presents LETHAL LADIES OF HORROR FILM FESTIVAL (GET YOUR TICKETS HERE) , coming October 17th at the Westwood Village in Los Angeles! Presented by Regency Theatres and the...
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