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Trailer for Alex Ross Perry's Queen of Earth explores broken women

A month ahead of the film's theatrical release date of August 26th, IFC Films has provided a trailer for QUEEN OF EARTH , a psychological thriller from writer/director Alex Ross Perry. Starring Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston, QUEEN OF EARTH shows what happens when two women retreat to a beach house to get a break from the pressures of the outside world, only to...
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Felt (Movie Review)

PLOT: Amy is troubled, emotionally battered young girl in the hellish throes of post-traumatic angst. When she meets a boy she actually likes, a devastating truth is unearthed that sends Amy into a fit of violent outrage. REVIEW: It's been three years since writer/director Jason Banker burst onto the scene with his directorial debut TOAD ROAD, and now he returns with his...
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IFC Films snags psychological thriller Queen of the Earth

IFC Films has acquired director Alex Ross Perry's psychological thriller QUEEN OF THE EARTH , starring Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss. The flick premiered at the Berlin International Film Fest two months ago. Costarring Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit, Kate Lyn Sheil, Kentucker Audley and Keith Poulson - QUEEN OF THE EARTH gets going when: ...two women retreat to a beach...
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Ti West's The Sacrament dated for DVD/Blu-ray; first details revealed

Ti West's THE SACRAMENT is currently enjoying a run on VOD (you can peep it HERE ) but if you've been looking to get some religion and add it to your DVD/Blu-ray collection, we gotcha covered as our brothers-in-blood over at Fangoria have learned that the film will be heading to disc on August 19 via Magnet, and we've got the details for ya below! Below you'll...
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Ti West's The Sacrament starring Amy Seimetz and AJ Bowen gets a new poster

Last week we saw the release of a badass hand-drawn alternate poster for Ti West's latest shocker THE SACRAMENT —which is currently on VOD and available to WATCH HERE —and today West took to Twitter to release an all new poster for his film that injects a little bit of old school flare into the most shocking slaughter of our time. It actually reminds me of something...
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New poster and clip for Ti West's The Sacrament starring AJ Bowen

I shouldn’t have to tell you guys this but Ti West’s latest foray into the world of horror brings us THE SACRAMENT and it finally saw its release on VOD yesterday—it’s available to WATCH HERE . To celebrate its release we got our hands on an amazing alternate poster created by R.M. Guera that really captures the haunting portrayal of "Father" by...
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The Sacrament (Movie Review)

PLOT: As both a personal mission and journalistic VICE piece, Patrick goes on a search to find his missing sister with his two friends Sam and Jake, only to happen upon a rural cult-commune lead by The Father. REVIEW: After stamping his name on the haunted-house subgenre with his last and likely best flick, THE INNKEEPERS, horror-hipster Ti West returns to explore the insidious...
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Official trailer for Ti West and Eli Roth's The Sacrament

A month ago we saw the red-band trailer for the Ti West-directed, Eli Roth-produced THE SACRAMENT , but have heard little from the cult thriller since. Today we've got the official trailer for the film, which if we're being honest is incredibly similar to the red-band version. But, a refresher can't hurt. Here's our review from TIFF last year. From acclaimed...
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Check out the poster debut for Ti West's The Sacrament

In my opinion, Ti West is one of the most exciting horror directors working today, and his latest thriller THE SACRAMENT promises to be yet another solid entry into the horror genre. And because the film is gearing up for its VOD release on May 1st, we're going to start seeing a lot of goods from the thriller, starting with the poster debut! It's not half bad, really. I...
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Magnolia nearing a deal for Ti West's The Sacrament

More good news out of The Toronto International Film Festival as it appears that Magnolia Pictures is close to making a deal for Ti West's THE SACRAMENT . According to Deadline, Magnolia Pictures, which lost on an earlier bidding war for JOE, is finalizing a deal for the contemporary found-footage thriller for a reported seven figures. Hopefully Magnolia lands the deal because that...
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