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Vin Diesel is all wet in new Riddick photo

Vin Diesel has got some lonely pondering to do in this new RIDDICK image released by the man himself on his Facebook page. Most of the pics released from the film thus far has offered up an isolated Riddick besieged by bad weather , but it's doubtful if it perturbs him very much. You don't become the most feared asskicker in the galaxy by whining about wet pants. The...
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Universal set to release Riddick in theaters & Imax next September

Get out the old datebooks folks... RIDDICK is readying a return! Universal has announced that, yes, Vin Diesel and company will return in RIDDICK September 6, 2013. This marks the first fall release for the franchise, possibly hinting at a darker, more serious tone than its summer predecessors. Word is the flick will also be released in Imax. From director David Twohy: In...
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