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Face-Off: Uncle Sam vs. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Next Monday is the Fourth of July, the time when those of us in the United States celebrate Independence Day, and I don't mean the Roland Emmerich movie that inspired last week's Face-Off . For this week's movie battle we're celebrating the holiday a few days early and pitting two slasher movies set around the Fourth of July against each other - it's the 1996 film UNCLE SAM , which came to...
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Matt Passmore to take over the lead in Kevin Williamson's paranormal series

People might be buzzing about the new season of Game of Thrones, but the real Game of Thrones is going on behind the scenes of Kevin Williamson's upcoming untitled paranormal series . Longmire's Bailey Chase was set to play the male lead, but following last week's table read, he has been replaced by one Matt Passmore of The Glades.  Clearly it wasn't a looks...
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Kevin Williamson's supernatural TV series adds Megan West

About a week ago, we brought you the news that Kevin Williamson would adding another genre television show to his long list of impressive credits with an untitled series set in the world of the paranormal. The show had brought aboard Jessica Szhor (pictured below) and Bailey Chase at the time, and now it has found its main protagonist: Megan West (pictured above). West, whose short...
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Jessica Szohr and Bailey Chase face the paranormal for Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson has been making contributions to the horror genre steadily ever since writing SCREAM twenty years ago. Yes, believe it or not, this year marks the twentieth anniversary of SCREAM, and in the years since that movie hit Williamson has worked on such films as I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER , SCREAM 2 , HALLOWEEN H20 , THE FACULTY, CURSED , and SCREAM 4 , in...
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Kevin Williamson takes Time After Time to television

Immediately after hitting it big with his screenplay for SCREAM , Kevin Williamson began developing ideas for television series, and most of his credits for the last 17 years have been for creating TV shows, the most successful of which have been DAWSON'S CREEK and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Williamson's latest project is a series adaptation of Karl Alexander's 1979...
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Dissecting Writer Kevin Williamson!

KEVIN WILLIAMSON! Even more so than the venerated Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson is the absolute authority on all things SCREAM. He's the brain-trust. The mastermind. Not only did he conceive the whole reinvention of the meta, self-reflexive slasher template back in 1996, his winking post-modern twist on the all but moribund subgenre has expressed new life over two...
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It's the Booze Talkin, Will Twin Peaks, Ash & X-Files Nostalgia Hurt Us?

Everything old is new again in Hollywood. Dinosaurs are back in a big way in JURASSIC WORLD. MAD MAX kicked ass on FURY ROAD. And this weekend we are seeing a return of Arnold with TERMINATOR: GENISYS and MAGIC MIKE XXL will have ladies salivating once again. Plus there is that little movie called THE FORCE AWAKENS heading to theatres the end of the year. So many sequels, reboots and...
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Face-Off: Prom Night Vs. I Know What You Did Last Summer

We had lots of differing opinions on the dystopian style Face-Off from two weeks ago, which had Doomsday easily besting The Book of Eli. Mr. Eli actually had some supporters with one even accusing me of selecting categories that favored only Doomsday. Not sure exactly how that works when some of the categories consisted of basic apocalyptic tropes such as "Wasteland" and "Hero", but hey,...
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Face-Off: Scream 3 Vs. Scream 4

The majority clicked "like" with the winner of our last online evil Face-Off which had Ghost in the Machine shutting down FeardotCom. Although both flicks weren't exactly considered classics, Ghost did seem to have the edge in terms of story/style. Regardless, that battle has now been dragged to the trash. Today's brand new bout has spawned from all the current jibber-jabber about...
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It's the Booze Talkin', I Have Little Faith in Scream, the TV series!

I love nearly everything about slasher flicks. While my favorites keep me in a bit of a time warp thanks to cool movies from the late-Seventies and early-Eighties, it thrills me to see a new crazed killer hunting down sex starved teens even today. Add to that the genre love that television has given to horror with cool shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Neve Campbell!

NEVE CAMPBELL THEN : Years ago I had heard of the series “Party of Five” but couldn’t tell you much about it. However, one thing I am aware of is the surprisingly impressive cast - most of them went on and continued to work. You have Jennifer Love Hewitt and Matthew Fox who both did quite well continuing find steady employment on television. You have Lacey Chabert...
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Rick Baker shares cool unused werewolf design from Cursed!

Wes Craven's CURSED was certainly an aptly-titled mess. Though it was initially meant to be a dissection/celebration of the werewolf genre in the mold of SCREAM - led by that film's two main architects, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson - the comedy-horror flick was revamped while it was still in production, which resulted in actors being replaced, entire sequences being scrapped and...
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