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Exclusive: Woody Harrelson and Liam Hemsworth have a showdown in The Duel

As of today, director Kieran Darcy-Smith's dark western THE DUEL is playing in select theatres and is available for viewing on VOD. Scripted by Matt Cook and starring Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Alice Braga, and William Sadler, the film has the following synopsis:  In the Great Plains during 1880s, Texas Ranger David Kingston is sent to an Old West frontier town...
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Exclusive clip from Joel Edgerton-starring psychological thriller Wish You Were Here

We're big Joel Edgerton fans here on AITH so anytime he's involved in a film we perk up and take notice. From his strong work in ANIMAL KINGDOM and THE SQUARE to his portrayal of teacher-turned-MMA fighter Brendan in WARRIOR, the guy always seems to deliver top-notch performances. And whatever your thoughts on 2011's premake THE THING are, you can't deny that Edgerton...
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