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William Friedkin announces Killer Joe TV series

Well, I know what I'm watching tonight.  Yep, don't hate me too much, but I have not seen KILLER JOE . No worries, it has been on my must-watch list for years now, I just keep passing it by for absolutely no reason. But I'm getting on it tonight. This is due to the fact that KILLER JOE (and THE EXORCIST ) director William Friedkin is currently developing a...
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Dissecting Director William Friedkin!

DIRECTOR WILLIAM FRIEDKIN Can you believe THE EXORCIST turns 40 years old this Christmas? Craziness, right!? And no doubt, as the anniversary of the film grows closer and closer, we can expect to see and hear about all kinds of revivals, re-releases, retrospectives, commemorations and the like. But I want to do a little something different. I instead want to shine the...
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AITH Podcast: The Best of 2012 Show! Plus, Looper and Killer Joe reviewed!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast rocks in the first podcast of 2013 by taking a look back at our favorite films of 2012 (6:06). We start things off with the Netflix Instant Queue Movie of the Week with THE GREY (9:05), a film that landed in both of our Top 10 lists. After Liam Neeson gets...
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Eric Walkuski's Top 10 Genre Films of 2012

In many years prior to this one, I've struggled to come up with a list of five really notable genre flicks, let alone ten. Let's face it, no one wants to draft a Top Ten list where the bottom batch of entries consist of flicks you've given less than 7 out of 10. Thankfully, this year offered us a fantastic array of horror, sci-fi and fantasy films, so it's my pleasure to report that I had no...
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Check out the red-band trailer for Killer Joe, on DVD/Blu-ray next week!

In a surprising and well received departure for Matthew McConaughey, Billy Friedkin's KILLER JOE chops its way onto DVD, Blu-ray and various VOD platforms December 21st. Both The Arrow and Eric W. dug the flick quite a bit, so it's our honor to present to you the red-band trailer that's just been released in conjunction with the upcoming home video date. Spin that sucker...
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