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D'Onofrio, Coates, and Loaf take on the supernatural in Ghost Wars trailer

The premiere of Syfy's new paranormal action series Ghost Wars is less than two weeks away, and a trailer has been released online to give us a preview of how things will go down when characters played by the likes of Vincent D'Onofrio, Kim Coates, and Meat Loaf Aday go to battle with the supernatural. Created by Simon Barry, Ghost Wars is set in an Alaskan town overrun...
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Kandyse McClure enlists to fight in Syfy's Ghost Wars

For more than fifty episodes, actress Kandyse McClure played Anastasia Dualla on the SciFi Channel's reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Several years after that show wrapped up, McClure has signed up to go into battle for SciFi (now known as Syfy) once again, this time taking a series regular role on the network's paranormal action series Ghost Wars . Created by Simon Barry,...
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Vincent D'Onofrio and Kim Coates to wage Ghost Wars for Syfy

Syfy is continuing their working relationship with Continuum and Van Helsing producer Simon Barry through the acquisition of the Barry-created series Ghost Wars , which is currently filming in Vancouver. Vincent D'Onofrio, Kim Coates, Avan Jogia, Kristin Lehman, and Meatloaf star in the series. Set in an Alaskan town overrun by paranormal forces, it centers on ...
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Officer Downe (Movie Review)

PLOT:  Idealistic rookie cop Officer Gable (Tyler Ross) is put on a special LAPD task force: the clean-up crew for unstoppable juggernaut Officer Terry Downe (Kim Coates). After Downe was killed in an accident 25 years ago, the LAPD has found a way to keep resurrecting him in pursuit of justice during a massive crime wave. Gable’s by-the-book morals clash with Downe’s...
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Kim Coates fights off gun-toting nuns in this exclusive Officer Downe clip

OFFICER DOWNE , the upcoming comic book crime flick from Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan, looks like a truly crazy film. Need proof? Just check out this exclusive clip from the film, featuring Sons of Anarchy's Kim Coates mowing down a criminal cotillion of nuns with machine guns. Also there's a wormhole in the ceiling? I honestly have no idea what's going on but...
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Kim Coates crushes criminal cranium in the Officer Downe trailer

With the graphic novel OFFICER DOWNE , author Joe Casey and artist Christ Burnham created a title character who protects, serves, and kicks ass, even beyond the grave, and dropped him into a story packed with over-the-top sex and violence. Casey has since adapted the comic story into a script that has been brought to life as the feature directorial debut of Shawn Crahan, who you may...
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Kill of the Day: Silent Hill (2006)

Well SILENT HILL: REVELATION came and went without so much as a whimper. Who didn't see that coming, right? So for today's Kill of the Day we're going back to basics with a scene from Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. In this awesome clip we've got this dumb crazy b*tch finally getting what she deserves - strung up and ripped in two! Pretty vicious stuff. Then the twisted little girl dances...
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