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Officer Downe (Movie Review)

PLOT:  Idealistic rookie cop Officer Gable (Tyler Ross) is put on a special LAPD task force: the clean-up crew for unstoppable juggernaut Officer Terry Downe (Kim Coates). After Downe was killed in an accident 25 years ago, the LAPD has found a way to keep resurrecting him in pursuit of justice during a massive crime wave. Gable’s by-the-book morals clash with Downe’s...
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Kim Coates fights off gun-toting nuns in this exclusive Officer Downe clip

OFFICER DOWNE , the upcoming comic book crime flick from Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan, looks like a truly crazy film. Need proof? Just check out this exclusive clip from the film, featuring Sons of Anarchy's Kim Coates mowing down a criminal cotillion of nuns with machine guns. Also there's a wormhole in the ceiling? I honestly have no idea what's going on but...
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Kim Coates crushes criminal cranium in the Officer Downe trailer

With the graphic novel OFFICER DOWNE , author Joe Casey and artist Christ Burnham created a title character who protects, serves, and kicks ass, even beyond the grave, and dropped him into a story packed with over-the-top sex and violence. Casey has since adapted the comic story into a script that has been brought to life as the feature directorial debut of Shawn Crahan, who you may...
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Kill of the Day: Silent Hill (2006)

Well SILENT HILL: REVELATION came and went without so much as a whimper. Who didn't see that coming, right? So for today's Kill of the Day we're going back to basics with a scene from Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. In this awesome clip we've got this dumb crazy b*tch finally getting what she deserves - strung up and ripped in two! Pretty vicious stuff. Then the twisted little girl dances...
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