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Schwarzenegger will be back in Terminator 6; shooting begins next May

It was only a week ago we shared with you guys the awesome news that mega-director James Cameron was getting the rights back to the TERMINATOR franchise and is looking to make an all-new trilogy .  If that news wasn't cool enough, today we have word via the ex-Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that not only will he be returning to his role as the Terminator in...
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Francis Ford Coppola says John Milius could return for The Legend of Conan

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is game for returning to his barbarian roots for THE LEGEND OF CONAN (aka KING CONAN), which is aiming for a Spring 2015 start date. But now legendary director Francis Ford Coppola has shared that CONAN THE BARBARIAN director John Milius could be up for stepping into the director's chair for the long-awaited follow-up. THE GODFATHER...
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King Conan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, aiming for a Spring 2015 shoot

One film we're really stoked to see happen is KING CONAN, aka THE LEGEND OF CONAN, and we've been doing all we can to keep you informed on the status of the film, bringing you all the latest news as we hear it. A few months back we reported that Universal is still excited to see this film head in front of the cameras, and we certainly share their enthusiasm for the project....
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Awesome Cannes poster for King Conan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

We've been doing our damndest to keep you up-to-date on KING CONAN, aka THE LEGEND OF CONAN, as it's one film that we feel absolutely needs to be made. And why shouldn't it? With action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his classic role it should make mega-bank at the box office and make fans of the CONAN series very happy. We most recently reported that Universal is...
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Universal still excited to make The Legend of Conan with Schwarzenegger

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest action flick SABOTAGE suffered a dismal opening but that hasn't stopped Universal from looking ahead to a film many of you would be stoked to see finally happen: THE LEGEND OF CONAN, aka KING CONAN (a title that I prefer!). Now our pals over at TheArnoldFans have gotten word from producer Fredrick Malmberg and scriptwriter Andrea Berloff...
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Chris Morgan talks Arnold's age and The Legend of Conan

Chris Morgan, the screenwriter behind WANTED and the majority of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS sequels, has taken the lead as producer of LEGEND OF CONAN. The film is slated to be a follow-up to John Milius' 1982 classic CONAN THE BARBARIAN (ignoring the sequel CONAN THE DESTROYER and the reboot ). In the interview, Morgan addressed the obvious elephant in the room-- how...
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