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Pacific Rim / Godzilla / Kong crossover is a possibility

Legendary is currently building a MonsterVerse around the classic characters Godzilla and King Kong, giant monsters that have taken on a whole lot of adversaries over their many decades of existence. They've even fought each other, and will be doing so again when the build-up of GODZILLA , KONG: SKULL ISLAND , and the upcoming GODZILLA sequel leads to the mash-up GODZILLA VS. KONG...
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Adam Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong will have Godzilla characters, rugged Kong

Director Mike Dougherty is still in production on his sequel the 2014 GODZILLA film that was directed by Gareth Edwards, but YOU'RE NEXT / THE GUEST / DEATH NOTE helmer Adam Wingard is already hard at work on the follow-up to Dougherty's film, which will see Godzilla clashing with the version of King Kong that was introduced in KONG: SKULL ISLAND . The MonsterVerse...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: JULY & AUGUST 2017

Hot enough for ya? Yep, the blazing heat is making me want to stay inside big time, and that means this is a perfect opportunity to check out what films are hitting Blu-ray and DVD in the next few months! July has some very good stuff in store for us, like RE-ANIMATOR , SLITHER , and Dario Argento's THE STENDHAL SYNDROME , while August sees the release of SHIN GODZILLA , the very...
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Adam Wingard on I Saw the Devil remake & Godzilla vs Kong

For the longest time, Adam Wingard always made the top of my "Up-and-Coming Horror Directors to Watch" list. Now I think it's safe to let Mike Flanagan have the top spot as it seems pretty solid to say Wingard has officially "made it to the big time" when he was handed the reins of GODZILLA VS KONG . That said, I still keep my eyes out for all info Adam...
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Promo sets up the opponents Godzilla will be facing in upcoming sequel

We're still a year and a half out from the release of director Michael Dougherty's sequel to the 2014 American GODZILLA film, but that's not stopping Warner Bros. and Legendary from offering a tease of what the next chapter in their MonsterVerse (which also includes KONG: SKULL ISLAND , on DVD/Blu next Tuesday) will have to offer. A series of videos have arrived...
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Exclusive: New art from Skull Island: The Birth of Kong Issue #2

We fist told you guys back in March that KONG: SKULL ISLAND was getting a comic book prequel/sequel called SKULL ISLAND: THE BIRTH OF KONG . Then in April we brought you the book's trailer and cover art . The second issue of the 4-part Skull Island: The Birth of Kong comic book series hits stores & Comixology on June 28th, and today we have three new images...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: JUNE & JULY 2017

There are several big titles hitting Blu-ray and DVD this June and July, so let's not waste and time and get right to them! June sees the home video debut of the criminally underseen A CURE FOR WELLNESS , as well as Greg McLean and James Gunn's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT , and the A-list sci-fi flop LIFE . In July you'll get an opportunity to take that lovable ape Kong home...
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The Guest's Adam Wingard to direct Godzilla vs. Kong

About a month ago, the Twitter account belonging to THE GUEST / YOU'RE NEXT director Adam Wingard went on Godzilla overload. Saying he was "doing some research", Wingard asked followers what their favorite Godzilla movies are and why, then proceeded to spend the following weeks posting Godzilla artwork and Godzilla movie posters, showing off the fact that he was...
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Kong: Skull Island hits Blu-ray this July! Check out the special features

For the most part, I enjoyed this past spring's monster flick KONG: SKULL ISLAND . I am a bigger fan of Peter Jackson's version, but all the same, the new take on the classic tale was a fun romp through the jungle and sported a great f*cking cast. If you enjoyed the flick as much as I did or you missed it when it stomped through theaters, you'll be happy to hear the film...
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Trailer and cover art for Kong: Skull Island tie-in book The Birth of Kong

Currently a behemoth at the worldwide box-office ($535 million and counting), KONG: SKULL ISLAND has proven that - combined with 2014's GODZILLA - Legendary was wise to announce a burgeoning "Monsterverse". And this extends beyond the big screen: Last month we let you know the studio was crafting a book series called Skull Island: The Birth Of Kong . Today we can show you the comic...
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Kong: Skull Island is getting a comic book prequel / sequel

Viewers who enjoyed KONG: SKULL ISLAND will get a chance to revisit the island and see Kong back in action sooner than expected. While Kong won't be in another movie until GODZILLA VS. KONG in 2020 (unless he shows up in some capacity in 2019's GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS), we'll have a story of his further adventures to hold us over until then - Legendary Comics is...
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Kong: Skull Island (Movie Review)

PLOT: 1972: An expedition consisting of scientists, soldiers and a handful of civilians ventures into an uncharted section of the South Pacific in search of the fabled Skull Island. Once they find it, they meet its king, a gigantic ape known as Kong - and Kong is not willing to share his home with these interlopers. REVIEW: When Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA came out in 2014,...
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