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Trailer and expanded synopsis for Korean thriller Live TV

Here we have a long synopsis and an early promo poster for the Korean horror film LIVE TV , which sounds a bit like VACANCY meets any one of those thrillers where a murderer puts his crimes on the internet and gets millions of hits. Be warned: There are some spoilers in the synopsis. Cheong-rok, who hosts his own live Internet show, dreams of reaching a million...
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Artsploitation picks up three tales of terror with Memory of the Dead, Horror Stories and Wither

Artsploitation Films, which markets itself as 'International Films with an Edge', has acquired three international horror films for their already impressive libraray. The three foreign fright features include HORROR STORIES, MEMORY OF THE DEAD and WITHER. All will be given full stateside releases by the new label based in Philadelphia. President and CEO Ray Murray said about all three...
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Woochi the Demon Slayer slices its way to DVD/Blu-Ray

The fine folks over at SHOUT! Factory just hit us with the news that Dong-Hoon Choi's fantasy-action blockbuster WOOCHI THE DEMON SLAYER will be hitting Blu-Ray and DVD on April 9. The Korean box-office hit has been praised for its eye-dazzling special effects, top-notch action sequences (choreographed by G.I. JOE: RETALIATION and THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE WEIRD 's Doo-hong Jung)...
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More Host 2 footage revealed in Macrograph showreel

Monster movies, by very definition, can get a pass in the narrative department if they feature a cool enough creature. For me, I wasn't huge on THE HOST'S family melodrama, but I dug the monster enough to warm up to the flick. Based on the new footage from the film below, I'm probably going to be suckered into digging the second one. I can't help myself! The first footage showed off...
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