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Cool Horror Videos: How Resolution will help your love life!

How could you possibly pass up some advice that could potentially help your love life? That's right, you can't! RESOLUTION filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead join stars Peter Cilella and Vinny Curran, along with a couple of girls from Craigslist, to explain just how their film can actually help you have sex. Simple as that. Give it a watch below and be sure to pay...
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Exclusive: Eerie clip from Resolution!

Justin Benson's and Aaron Scott Moorhead's slow burn horror flick RESOLUTION (check out the trailer here) has been getting some great buzz online and now you'll be able to see it for yourself as it is presently available on VOD and opens in select theaters today, Friday (1/25). With that we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the film (with a funny intro by the directors, toss a beer my...
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