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Will the Poltergeist remake haunt us in 3D? Star Jared Harris says it will!

" They're here! " and they're coming at us in 3D! We've known for a while that a remake/reboot of Tobe Hooper's classic haunter POLTERGEIST was coming our way, most recently learning that Twentieth Century Fox has scheduled the Gil Kenan-helmed film for a February 13, 2015 release date. Now star Jared Harris (THE QUIET ONES) has revealed that POLTERGEIST...
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Kill of the Day: "The Following" (2013)

If you're not watching Fox's "The Following" then I just feel bad for you. This show is awesome. I mean really awesome. Just when you think they have nothing else left they go ahead and turn you sideways. This is the first time I'm looking to "The Following" for the Kill of the Day so we're going to go with a good one. In this scene we've got one of Joe's (James Purefoy) followers...
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The Poltergeist remake will be haunting theaters in 2015

Twentieth Century Fox has just slated the upcoming POLTERGEIST remake/sequel/whatever the hell you want to call it with a February 13, 2015 theatrical release! That means if you were looking forward to this one you better be pretty damn patient because it's going to be a while before we see it on the big screen. Plenty of time to let it all sink in I suppose. The last we...
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Jane Adams is the latest to sign on for Poltergeist

Yesterday we learned that Saxon Sharbino had joined the ever-growing cast of MGM and Fox 2000's reboot/remake of POLTERGEIST, joining the previously announced Kennedi Clements, Kyle Catlett, Jared Harris, Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie Dewitt, and now The Hollywood Reporter is sharing that "Hung" actress (hmmm...that just doesn't sound right, does it?) Jane Adams has...
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Saxon Sharbino joins Poltergeist

"Touch" actress Saxon Sharbino has just joined MGM and Fox 2000's horror reboot of POLTERGEIST as she rounds out the casting of the Bowen family. She will play 16-year-old Kendra Bowen, the eldest of the three Bowen children. Sharbino's Kendra is a typical teen, isolating herself from her family to focus on her friendships. But when she realizes that her new home...
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Run to the light, Carol Anne! Kennedi Clements cast in Poltergeist remake

MGM and Fox 2000's POLTERGEIST remake/reboot/sequel has scared up some new casting, this time in the form of 6 year old actress Kennedi Clements, who joins the previously announced Kyle Catlett , Jared Harris , Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie Dewitt in the Sam Raimi-produced haunted house shocker. Deadline is reporting that Clements, whose credits include TV’s "A...
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The Following's Kyle Catlett joins Poltergeist remake; Nicholas Braun in negotiations for key supporting role

Last night we shared the news that "Mad Men" star Jared Harris had joined the growing cast of MGM and FOX 2000's upcoming remake of POLTERGEIST and today we have some fresh casting news as Variety is reporting that "The Following's" Kyle Catlett will go from being terrorized by serial killers to being spooked by ghosts in the Gil Kenan-helmed film....
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