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Malcolm McDowell needs help to get George A. Romero his walk of fame star

We are all still shaken up by the recent passing of one of the true masters of horror, George A. Romero , but maybe chipping in on this new campaign will help smooth out the loss a bit. As some of you may know, the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD director received his star on the Walk of Fame this past October. But the huge cost associated with the event (including the actual gold...
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The Test of Time: Day of the Dead (1985)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they remain must see? So…the point of this column is to determine how a film holds up for a modern horror audience, to see if it stands the Test of...
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Dawn of the Dead remake 2-Disc Collector's Edition coming this Halloween

There are a lot of horror remakes that split the genre community down the middle. Some think that Marcus Nispel's remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is crap. Those people are wrong. And some folks believe Craig Gillespie's FRIGHT NIGHT remake is a waste of digital celluloid. It isn't. But one remake most fans agree is up to the task of the original is 2004's...
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Land of the Dead Collector's Edition Blu-ray coming from Scream Factory

Earlier today we brought you news on George A. Romero's new living dead flick ROAD OF THE DEAD . But let's not forget some of Romero's other OF THE DEAD films while we're at it. Especially, LAND OF THE DEAD . Turns out Scream Factory is going to be rolling out the red carpet for Romero's 2005 LAND OF THE DEAD, and while bonus features and specs are...
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George A. Romero's Road of the Dead poster rides in

We let you guys know back in May that George A. Romero had another zombie flick in the works by the name of ROAD OF THE DEAD . Back then it seemed as if Romero and co. were looking for funding for the film, and that still seems to be the case today. The new DEAD flick is co-written by Romero and set to be directed by Matt Birman, who was the second unit director on...
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George A. Romero can't get his zombie noir made

After essentially rebooting his zombie apocalypse universe for the modern age with the 2007 found footage film DIARY OF THE DEAD , master of horror George A. Romero said he had plans for three spin-offs that would each follow different characters introduced in DIARY. We got one of those soon after, 2009's SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD , which followed a National Guard soldier played by...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Has Hollywood forgotten about the horror greats?

When you think of your favorite horror movies, how often do guys like Carpenter, Hooper, Craven or Romero come up?  They are the names behind some of the most iconic horror films ever made. Recently - courtesy of the home video heroes Shout! Factory - I revisited John Carpenter’s THE THING and it was better than I remembered - and that's saying something...
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Top 10 Political Horror Flicks!

Say friends, in this ever turbulent ELECTION YEAR, who's set to get their PURGE on this weekend? We recommend doing so, solely at the movies, as James DeMonaco's third entry is likely the sterling standout of the entire franchise. That said, politically motivated horror flicks are nothing new. We've seen countless movies over the decades that set out to make some kind of grand political...
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It's the booze Talkin', Give George Romero one more zombie feature!

If you are a fan of zombies then things have been pretty damn good for you over the past few years. While we’ve had very few big screen horror outbreaks turning mild mannered men and women into flesh eaters - aside from WORLD WAR Z - the small screen is raising the dead and viewers are loving it. It started with The Walking Dead, and now we have the spin-off, Fear the...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Yo Hollywood! Let George A. Romero direct NON-zombie movies!

It is hard to think of a genre filmmaker who has had more of an impact than the great George A. Romero. After all, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD helped shape how modern cinema saw this classic monster. The atmospherically creepy black and white 1968 masterpiece featured a small group of survivors fighting off a savage hoard of zombies in an abandoned farmhouse and it was sensational. The crude...
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