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Maniac Cop creator Larry Cohen says the remake isn't happening

Not long ago, it seemed pretty certain that we were going to be getting a remake of the 1988 William Lustig / Larry Cohen film MANIAC COP . Filming was scheduled to take place in Los Angeles this year, with Nicolas Winding Refn producing and John Hyams directing from a screenplay by Ed Brubaker. What could possibly stop a train like that? Well, something has apparently derailed...
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Larry Cohen is developing an anthology series with JJ Abrams

After bringing the world a 4K restoration of Don Coscarelli's horror classic PHANTASM , JJ Abrams is now working with another genre legend, Larry Cohen. The director of such films as the IT'S ALIVE trilogy, GOD TOLD ME TO, Q THE WINGED SERPENT , and THE STUFF , the writer of such films as the MANIAC COP trilogy, BODY SNATCHERS, and UNCLE SAM , and the subject of the...
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Trailer and poster released for Larry Cohen documentary King Cohen

Larry Cohen has made some awesome contributions to the world of cinema over the years, with many of his films venturing into horror territory. As a director, Cohen has brought us films like the IT'S ALIVE trilogy, Q: THE WINGED SERPENT , GOD TOLD ME TO, and THE STUFF . Among his 86 writing credits are the MANIAC COP films. Cohen has brought so much to the genre, he is...
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Face-Off: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes vs. The Stuff

It's the week of Thanksgiving in the United States, the time when we get together and chow down until our clothes tighten and our stomachs threaten to burst. As we're surrounded by all the savory foods and desserts, we don't usually have much more on our minds than how delicious that stuff is going to be as we gobble it down. We don't stop to think how dangerous food could be if it decided to...
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Face-Off: Uncle Sam vs. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Next Monday is the Fourth of July, the time when those of us in the United States celebrate Independence Day, and I don't mean the Roland Emmerich movie that inspired last week's Face-Off . For this week's movie battle we're celebrating the holiday a few days early and pitting two slasher movies set around the Fourth of July against each other - it's the 1996 film UNCLE SAM , which came to...
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John Hyams' Maniac Cop remake to film in NYC next spring

Last week we learned that UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING director John Hyams has signed on to direct the remake of William Lustig's awesome 1988 film MANIAC COP for producers Lustig and Nicolas Winding Refn. Talking to Variety about the project, Hyams has now revealed that the plan is to start filming in New York City next spring....
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Face-Off: Maniac Cop Vs. Maniac Cop 2

Well, it was close, but most actually did agree with the outcome of our last Leather Face-Off that part 3's R.A. Mihailoff was slightly better than the remake's Andrew Bryniarski. This was a fun one and I enjoyed reading everyone's sharp comments. Today's Face-Off comes at you off the recent news about a Maniac Cop remake from Nicholas Winding Refn is gaining steam. I think this...
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Q The Winged Serpent flying to Blu-Ray from Scream Factory

Now this is some very welcome news! Scream Factory has revealed via their Facebook page that that they are preparing for a Blu-ray release of director Larry Cohen's cult classic Q: THE WINGED SERPENT (1982), starring Michael Moriarty and David Carradine. The release is expect to arrive on the market in August. While details of what extras will be included, the packaging has...
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