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Exclusive: Leatherface producers talk hardcore prequel and Day of the Dead!

LEATHERFACE , the latest reboot of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE franchise, is currently in pre-production at an undisclosed location, with INSIDE duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo at the helm. While we don't know much about the project thus far, we do know that the cast consists of Stephen Dorff, Angela Bettis, Sam Strike and James Bloor, and one of those last two lads will...
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Texas Chainsaw 4 is not going ahead as planned?

Looks like Millenium head Avi Lerner spoke too soon-- TEXAS CHAINSAW 4 is not being fast tracked in the way he originally claimed. Producer Mark Burg came forward yesterday to clear the air about the oversight: “The rights are controlled by Carl and Main Line Pictures, no matter what Millennium says... Millennium simply sold the foreign rights and they will not tell us...
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