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First look at Bruce Willis & Scream 2's Laurie Metcalf in Broadway's Misery

MISERY is a classic in every single incarnation. The Stephen King novel has become a cultural touchstone and the Rob Reiner film adaptation earned Kathy Bates an Oscar for Best Actress. Now the property is moving to Broadway and hopefully new notoriety with SCREAM 2 's Laurie Metcalf stepping into the role of deranged fan Annie Wilkes, opposite Bruce Freaking...
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Laurie Metcalf will torment Bruce Willis in the Misery stage play

I used to be a fan of Bruce Willis, but I feel the actor has lost something in recent years. He may be working more than ever, it seems like he's in a new direct-to-video thriller every month, but he no longer appears to be putting in any effort. He just shows up on the set to be Bruce Willis in front of the camera. The biggest disappointment in a film that delivered disappointment at...
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Kill of the Day: Scream 2 (1997)

I'm a sucker for the SCREAM franchise. There, I said it. When I really hit my stride in the horror genre it was because of this franchise. In particular I guess you could say it was because of SCREAM 2 in a weird way... Long story. Anyway, I'm celebrating this today with a Kill of the Day from the second SCREAM film. In this clip we've got Sidney Prescott once again having trouble...
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