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Top 10 Fatal Attractions!

Hey now, anyone else develop a torrid obsession with all these, well, torrid obsession movies that seem to drop every year? You know, the kind where a jilted lover of sorts can't handle their rejection, completely unravels and devolves into a psycho-obsessive-stalker who may or may not lash out with ill intentions? Yeah well, call it a guilty pleasure if you must, these insipid little thrillers...
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Horror Whores: Killer Movie (2008)

Boy do I have a treat for you guys today! Did you guys know that "Big Bang Theory" hottie Kaley Cuoco once dabbled in the world of horror? Oh yeah, that's right! Sure it was a run-of-the-mill slasher flick and most of you probably never heard of it, but still! Back in 2008, right after "Big Bang Theory" kicked off, a flick came out called KILLER MOVIE and we're looking at this little...
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