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New details on Unfriended 2 aka Unfriended: Game Night

It was just yesterday that we shared the news that a sequel to the 2015 found footage flick UNFRIENDED was shot in secret and is currently test screening. Not only that but the movie is getting extremely positive feedback. So fan or not of the first film you might want to keep an eye out for the second. Speaking of which today we have new details on UNFRIENDED 2...
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Unfriended 2 currently test screening after being filmed in secret

Recently there has been a trend of shooting horror movie sequels in secret and then springing them out into the world like a godd*amn magic trick. Not that you need them but recent examples include such films as  BLAIR WITCH , THE GALLOWS 2 , and VICTOR CROWLEY . Well, today the trend continues as we have word via HFN that the sequel to the found footage fright...
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Unfriended sequel in the works

With Leo Gabriadze’s cyber-horror UNFRIENDED coming off of a successful theatrical run, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Universal already has their eyes set on a sequel. Surprise! Nelson Greaves, the writer of the first film, will be back for scripting duties on the sequel. So, there you have it! Check out our exclusive interviews with the cast right HERE if you missed...
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Unfriended (Movie Review)

PLOT: On the one year anniversary of Laura Barnes' suicide, six of her high-school friends are suddenly terrorized online by a mysterious entity using her Skype, Facebook and Youtube accounts. REVIEW: It's easy to see why MTV and Universal opted, after the positive feedback garnered by its trailer, to turn its originally planned TV movie UNFRIENDED (aka CYBERNATURAL) into a...
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Unfriended imagery goes online starring Shelley Hennig

Leo Gabriadze’s cyber-horror UNFRIENDED , which is headed our way next week, has released a handful of some of the most uninteresting stills ever, so if you think you’d be into that… have at it! While word of mouth on UNFRIENDED has been surprisingly positive, I can’t imagine watching 90 minutes of other people staring at a computer screen; I do that enough as...
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First trailer and poster for Leo Gabriadze's Cybernatural

Planning to make some noise at the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival on July 20th at 9:30pm at the DB Clarke Theater is Leo Gabriadze’s found-footage horror film CYBERNATURAL . We see a lot of found-footage films come through here so it won’t be easy for CYBERNATURAL to find a way to stand out from the rest. The film is entirely told through a girl’s computer desktop which...
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