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Lavalantula sequel has already been greenlit

LAVALANTULA , Mike Mendez's latest giant spider epic (starring Steve Guttenberg!) aired on July 25th during SyFy's ever popular Sharknado week. Hoping to piggyback on the success of SHARKNADO (which just saw its second sequel - SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! - and has a fourth flick on the way, with Tara Reid's fate hanging in the balance ), they've already...
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William Froste cast continues packing in the horror icons

Horror movies typically have rather small casts, but that is not the case with director Natalie Bible's WILLIAM FROSTE . It's going to contain a whole bunch of characters, and nearly all of the people who appear on the screen will be familiar faces from the genre. When we first heard of WILLIAM FROSTE, the cast already consisted of Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill...
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Hodder, Moseley, Mane, and more horror all-stars assemble for William Froste

As horror film WILLIAM FROSTE gears up to enter production in September, director Natalie Bible' and producer Brieanna Steele of Absinthe Productions have been busy gathering together a cast almost entirely made up of popular genre actors from iconic films and franchises. The full cast includes Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill Moseley, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael...
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Bill Moseley stars in House of the Witchdoctor; trailer & release date here

Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR on DVD/VOD (iTunes, Vubiquity, Comcast) on September 16, 2014. Directed and written by Devon Mikolas, House of the Witch Doctor stars those Devil's Rejects Bill Moseley and Leslie Easterbrook, along with Allan Kayser (Brad from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS !), Callie Stephens and David Willis. Leslie Van Hooten (Stephens)...
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New clip from Sorority Party Massacre features Kevin Sorbo

Earlier this week we brought you an exclusive clip from Anchor Bay's upcoming release SORORITY PARTY MASSACRE and today we follow it up with another new clip, this one featuring the man once known as Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. In this latest clip, titled 'Anger Management Issues', Det. Watts (Thomas Downey) gets lectured about anger management issues by his...
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Sorority Party Massacre calls up its first clip

SORORITY PARTY MASSACRE is nearing its February 11, 2014 DVD release and today we've got the film's very first clip featuring a sexy girl and a killer phone call! What more do you need? Beautiful sorority babes. An isolated island with nowhere to hide. A crazed killer targeting them one-by-one. Ah, the joys of higher learning... Be sure to pre-order your very own copy of...
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New trailer and cover art for Sorority Party Massacre

On February 11, 2014, Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes SORORITY PARTY MASSACRE on DVD, a master class in girls, gore, carnage and comedy. And what a better way to get prepared for a bunch of gorgeous girls wreaking havoc on one another than with a new trailer and cover art! We've got both of them below for you guys to take a look at. You can pre-order your copy of the flick...
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No one comes back in new Penance Lane poster

Tyler Mane, his production company Mane Entertainment and HATCHET III director BJ McDonnell are teaming up on PENANCE LANE , a horror film also set to star Daniel Roebuck, Leslie Easterbrook, Muse Watson and Renae Geerlings. The film is still in the process of raising funds, but we thought it was worth highlighting a new promo poster recently slapped up on the project's official...
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Horror Ten Spot: Best Rob Zombie Death Scenes!

When it comes to lightning rods in the horror genre, few strike harder, louder and more often than Rob Zombie. Be it through originals like HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, or franchise updates like HALLOWEEN 1 & 2, few filmmakers have proven more polarizing than Zombie. Peeps tend to either love or hate the man's work, defending or defiling it vehemently, so it'll be very...
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