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Ryan Murphy promises a big twist is coming on American Horror Story: Roanoke

American Horror Story: Roanoke is two episodes in, and already Ryan Murphy is making big promises about big things down the line. According to the showrunner and his partner Brad Falchuk in an interview with EW, fans can expect a big twist coming at them around episode 6: Murphy: You’ll see starting in episode 6, the show has a huge turn and the thing that you think...
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The American Horror Story: Roanoke premiere is FX's fifth most-watched ever

One of my favorite things about American Horror Story season ?6, which premiered last Wednesday, is that people  still  don't know what to call the season. The mystery continues... AHS: Roanoke? AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare? AHS: Not Really What We Were Picturing? At any rate, what we  can  all agree on is that we're watching the damn thing....
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See what's next on American Horror Story season ?6...

[MILD SPOILERS FOR THE PREMIERE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY TO FOLLOW] Season ?6 of   American Horror Story   premiered last night, leaving audiences flustered by presenting them with a context-less show within a show. I kinda dug it, because this is the first time the show has really kept audiences in the dark since the reveal at the end of season one that each season would...
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Glee alum Jacob Artist joins American Horror Story season ?6

Right under the wire, American Horror Story  Season ?6 has acquired one more new cast member. The season premieres tomorrow, at which point the theme will finally be revealed, but that hasn't stopped Ryan Murphy & Co. from tweaking it at least a little bit more. The new ensemble player is actually a transplant from Glee, another Murphy/Falchuk joint: Jacob Artist....
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It all comes together in this new (and final?) American Horror Story spot

American Horror Story season ?6's mystery theme has fascinated some and frustrated others who were lukewarm on Hotel (ie. pretty much everyone), but at least it has people talking. With the show's premiere rapidly approaching this Wednesday, FX has released one more TV spot combining all the potential themes into one dizzy collage. This is all scored by star Lady...
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Comcast and TV Guide might have revealed American Horror Story's theme

American Horror Story has done a good job keeping its theme for season ?6 a secret, but the show's subtitle  may  have just been leaked by a tag team of Comcast/Xfinity and TV Guide. In both the September issue of TV Guide and the channel guide of Xfinity, the new season has been listed as American Horror Story: The Mist. One of the many promos for the show...
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The newest American Horror Story teaser is also about bugs

Creepy bugs have featured prominently in recent promos for the mystery sixth season of  American Horror Story , and this newest TV spot, entitled "Bite Me," is no different. Displaying a big honking spider front and center, it's part of a worrisome trend. I highly doubt that they could make an entire season bug-centric, but if they do, prepare your spines for a...
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Two new American Horror Story promos tease very different genres

Two more teasers for American Horror Story season ?6 have surfaced! The mystery surrounding the theme is all well and good, but the sheer proliferation of these has become a teensy bit frustrating. But one thing I will never complain about is that, because they're not tied to an actual theme, the publicity department is really letting themselves get creative when it comes to...
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The new American Horror Story ?6 promo is quite literally spine-tingling

We only have two weeks left before American Horror Story season ?6 premieres and we can finally discover what the true theme is. But that hasn't slowed down their marketing team, which just unleashed their newest promo, entitled "Backtrack." If you want to see the most literal interpretation of "spine-tingling" ever, you can check it out in all its creepy...
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The new American Horror Story spot will make you nervous if you hated Asylum

The mystery aspect of the ads for American Horror Story season ?6 is actually pretty fun. They've finally managed to harness the rabid fan theories that always surround their promotional material. But you know one ad that I desperately pray doesn't turn out to be the theme of the entire season? "The Visitors." This new TV spot depicts some spooky crop circles...
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This new American Horror Story promo takes things back to square one

The newest promo for American Horror Story season ?6 is entitled "Anthology" for good reason. It's a look back through the previous five themes that ends with a flurry of clips from the mysterious new teasers, only one of which actually reflects the theme of the upcoming season. I like how playful they're getting with the reveal here, which makes me...
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Two more American Horror Story ?6 teasers deepen the mystery

Season ?6 of  American Horror Story is still working the mystery angle, releasing a series of promos that indicate possible themes. Honestly, this is way more fun than being told practically the entire season in advance, though I dearly hope the show can keep up with the quality of their ads. I have my doubts, but I'm definitely on board to see the reveal. Two more...
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