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Ethan Hawke has 24 Hours to Live (and to kill) in new trailer

Ethan Hawke has been one of my favorite actors ever since I was a young kid. EXPLORERS, DEAD POETS SOCIETY, WHITE FANG, ALIVE, REALITY BITES, BEFORE SUNRISE, all of those movies had an impact either directly on me or on pop culture during my formative years. I enjoy watching him in the dramas I best know him for, and I like it when he ventures in horror and action genre work in films...
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Watch the opening sequence to Brian O'Malley's Let Us Prey

Dark Sky Films has released a sneak peek at the opening sequence of the Brian O'Malley thriller LET US PREY , and damn, it looks cool. It's not much, just the opening credits, but it does a lot to set the tone of the film. And if the entire flick is anything like the slick as hell, 80's synth nirvana of this clip, we're definitely in good hands....
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Exclusive clip from Let Us Prey starring Liam Cunningham!

  We've been waiting for the UK splatterfest LET US PREY for a little while now, but it's just about upon us. To celebrate, we've got an exclusive clip to share, one that gives us an eerie glimpse of the film's villain, played by Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham. To say this fellow is an unwelcome guest - even in a jail - is an understatement. Rachel (Pollyanna McIntosh, The...
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Red Band trailer for Brian O'Malley's Let Us Prey

Brian O’Malley’s bloody supernatural thriller LET US PREY will finally see a release here in the States in just a couple of weeks, landing it on VOD, Digital and Blu-ray this May 26th. Everything we’ve seen from the film points to one gnarly good time, and this new red band trailer is no different. Dig it below and see what you think! Darkness shall rise......
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Poster and release date for Let Us Prey starring Liam Cunningham!

  Liam Cunningham may play one of the sole voices of reason on HBO's Game of Thrones, but he's taking a turn to the dark side with LET US PREY , a supernatural splatterfest from Ireland that is due to hit you upside the head next month. Dark Sky Films has just announced LET US PREY will be available on VOD and Digital Download on May 26, 2015 - it will also be available on Blu-ray/DVD...
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Brian O'Malley's Let Us Prey picked up by Dark Sky Films

Another genre offering to get snatched up out of this year’s Fantastic Fest is Brian O’Malley’s absolutely nutty looking LET US PREY . Dark Sky has taken the honor of distributing this one in the U.S., but unfortunately, there's no word on a release date yet. We haven't really seen much from this one, which is surprising because it just had its premiere at...
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Official poster for For Brian O'Malley's Let Us Prey

One teaser trailer that really hit us hard when it debuted was Brian O'Malley's Australian horror flick LET US PREY , and now we’ve been lucky enough to get a peek at the film’s official poster. While it’s not half as insane as the blood-fueled 45 second teaser we saw last week, it’s still pretty awesome and delivers plenty of the red stuff. If you...
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Bloody good trailer for Let Us Prey starring Liam Cunningham

Here's a nice, nasty sneak peek of the Australian horror flick LET US PREY , from first time director Brian O'Malley. Lots of blood and fire to be found, so look away if you're sensitive to such things. An enigmatic stranger is detained in the cells of a remote police station one fateful night. From his basement dungeon the charismatic loner begins to take over the minds of his fellow...
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AV Pictures takes rights to horror film Let Us Prey

Screen Daily is reporting that AV Pictures has just acquired a new horror film called LET US PREY , with plans to distribute the film in multiple territories. The flick, currently in post-production, is directed by feature first-timer Brian O'Malley. According to the trade, Alamode/Pierrot Le Fou has acquired rights to LET US PREY in German-speaking Europe, Premiere TV...
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