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First Look: David Harbour as Hellboy!

Holy sh*t! Well, this is a great surprise now, isn't it? As you can see below we have just been given our first look at STRANGER THINGS ' David Harbour as the new HELLBOY in Neil Marshall's upcoming reboot. And he looks badass! Now I just can't wait until we get our first glimpse of RESIDENT EVIL 's Milla Jovovich as the Blood Queen, as I'm...
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Hellboy reboot loses Ed Skrein after whitewashing controversy

It was only last week that we passed along the news that DEADPOOL's Ed Skrein was lined-up to join director Neil Marshall's upcoming HELLBOY reboot, starring STRANGERS THING's David Harbour. Well, it looks like Skrein has chosen to drop out of the role in this new HELLBOY following some controversy that the reboot is "whitewashing" . Skrein was set...
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Leatherface revs up new green-band trailer!

Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled a new, slightly tamer, green-band trailer for Lionsgate and Millennium Films' LEATHERFACE . Don't fret though folks, there's still plenty of nastiness to revel in, not the least of which is Stephen Dorff's thick Texan accent. Yikes! Cop a peek below! From those crazy French filmmakers behind INSIDE (Julien Maury and...
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Exclusive: First poster for Jigsaw, plus San Diego Comic-Con details!

I want to play a game. That's right, folks. Jigsaw is back! How? Who knows. But the iconic villain who killed off a countless number of immoral victims in seven SAW movies just keeps on truckin', despite the fact he was killed fairly early in the series. But his legacy lives on, and this October, Lionsgate will bring us JIGSAW , a continuation of the massively successful...
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The Assignment (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a hitman named Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) suddenly awakes to find someone has forcibly reassigned his gender, he exacts cold-blooded retribution upon Dr. Rachel Kay (Sigourney Weaver), the person responsible. REVIEW: To those gallant enough to find wisdom in the words of Quentin Tarantino when publicly positing that, as a general rule, filmmakers donít get...
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Leatherface writer spills mucho details about the Texas Chainsaw prequel

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE finished production quite a long time ago now. So where is the film? Good question. Turns out Lionsgate is having second thoughts about how, and when, to release the flick. I'm guessing it has something, if not all, to do with the under-performance ( that's a nice way of putting it) of their last foray into horror follow-ups...
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Shark-Thriller Cage Dive swims to a summer release

You go in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark's in the water. Talk about a killer premise. Imagine being trapped in a shark-diving cage, surrounded by viscous, hungry-for-human-meat sharks. As scary (as fu*k) as that sounds, the situation would never happen to me, because a) the ocean can kiss my ass, and b) if I ever did, by some miracle of hell, find myself inside...
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Original Ghost in the Shell film returns to theaters this February

As Paramount readies its spectacular live-action redo of GHOST IN THE SHELL for release this March, Lionsgate and Funimation Films are returning the original film back to theaters for a 2-day limited engagement. That's right, on February 7-8 of 2017, the original 1995 sci-fi animation will be back on the big screen. Think you'll be checking it out? Directed by Mamoru Oshii,...
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10 Cloverfield Lane's Dan Trachtenberg to helm Lionsgate Houdini flick

Dan Trachtenberg is becoming a hot Hollywood commodity this year. After the success of his work on the chilling underground bunker tale 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and the  Black Mirror episode "Playtest," is currently negotiating to helm a new Lionsgate flick centered around the life of Harry Houdini . The project, which was previously in development with...
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Lionsgate is making a military exorcism movie based on a true story

Exorcism fans unite! Lionsgate has just acquired a property that's not only based on a true story, it's a military-based exorcism story. I can't say that's something we've ever really explored before. The flick will be produced by Beau Flynn, who also produced THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and THE RITE . The script will be written by Evan Turner (the...
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The 9th Life of Louis Drax (Movie Review)

PLOT: Louis Drax is a death-defying 9 year old known around town as the "Amazing Accident Prone Boy." When his latest mishaps land him in a coma, it's up to a neurologist named Dr. Pascal to unlock the mysteries of the boy's subconscious and prevent future disasters. REVIEW: Hard to believe it's been thirteen years since French filmmaker Alexandre Aja...
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Nerve (Movie Review)

PLOT: In order to keep up with her popular friend, a high-school senior named Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to partake in a program called Nerve: a high-stakes game of online Truth or Dare....minus the Truth. REVIEW: Six years after brilliantly blurring the line between veracity and fraudulence in the TV-show inspiring faux-doc-thriller CATFISH, directors Henry Joost and Ariel...
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