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Lisa Wilcox is going on a YouTube tour of Nightmare 4 locations

Lisa Wilcox became a genre icon due to her role as heroine Alice Johnson in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5: THE DREAM CHILD and now, nearly thirty years later, the actress has started up her own YouTube channel with the intention of hosting a series of videos in which she'll be revisiting THE DREAM MASTER filming locations. While...
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Elm St vets Lisa Wilcox, Amanda Wyss return to horror in Watcher of Park Ave

The fiery redhead Lisa Wilcox certainly made an impression on the horror genre, fighting iconic villain Freddy Krueger in the one-two punch of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER , and its sequel THE DREAM CHILD . Perhaps that's too few entries to earn her a status as a bona fide scream queen, but she's certainly beloved. And I have good news......
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Clinger to receive a limited theatrical release October 23rd

Back in April , we got a look at the trailer for Michael Steves' horror/comedy CLINGER when the film was picked up for distribution by Paragon. Paragon is now set to release the film into select theatres on October 23rd, a fact which is promoted in the new TV spot that can be viewed below. CLINGER tells the following story: When her overly-attentive high school...
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Exclusive: Miko Hughes joins Lisa Wilcox and Tony Todd in 30 to 45

Over the last seventeen years, Texas-based independent filmmaker Mel House has directed and/or produced multiple features and created the television series PLACEHOLDERS. He has made several contributions to the horror genre and worked with icons like Adrienne King, Reggie Bannister, and Katie Featherston. But along with the successes come frustrations - like the fact that he still...
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William Froste cast continues packing in the horror icons

Horror movies typically have rather small casts, but that is not the case with director Natalie Bible's WILLIAM FROSTE . It's going to contain a whole bunch of characters, and nearly all of the people who appear on the screen will be familiar faces from the genre. When we first heard of WILLIAM FROSTE, the cast already consisted of Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill...
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P.J. Soles and John Dugan join the all-star cast of William Froste

The upcoming WILLIAM FROSTE is already packed to the gills with classic horror actors and actresses including a Jason, a Michael, and a bevy of Elm Street alumni, but two more have joined the legion. P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN) and John Dugan (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE) have both signed on to the picture as "Polly Black" and "Sherriff Lew Cotton"...
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Hodder, Moseley, Mane, and more horror all-stars assemble for William Froste

As horror film WILLIAM FROSTE gears up to enter production in September, director Natalie Bible' and producer Brieanna Steele of Absinthe Productions have been busy gathering together a cast almost entirely made up of popular genre actors from iconic films and franchises. The full cast includes Lew Temple, Tyler Mane, Bill Moseley, Muse Watson, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael...
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Paragon Releasing acquires Michael Steves' Slamdance title Clinger

Michael Steves' supernatural horror comedy CLINGER, which premiered at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival, has been acquired for U.S. distribution by Paragon Releasing, according to The Wrap. CLINGER tells the story of... ...a high school senior (newcomer Jennifer Laporte) whose possessive dead boyfriend (Vincent Martella) returns as a lovesick ghost to kill her so they...
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Teaser and images from Dom Frank's The Church, starring Bill Moseley

On tap for ya this morning we've got the first images and a teaser for director Dom Frank's THE CHURCH, a supernatural thriller that stars Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS), Lisa Wilcox (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 & 5), Ashley C. Williams (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE), Keith Stallworth (STEP UP 3D), and Clint Howard (HALLOWEEN). The multi-layered story of THE CHURCH...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Andras Jones!

ANDRAS JONES THEN : Horror movies have always inspired me in all sorts of ways. And every so often, you find a character in a film that you either look up to, or relate to, or just think they are darn cool for whatever reason. When I first saw A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER, I instantly connected to Rick Johnson (Andras Jones), the brother to Alice...
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It's the Booze Talkin': I want an Elm Street Sequel! Just do it right!

It all started back in 1984 when Wes Craven gave the world of horror one of its most iconic villains. Of course I’m talking about Freddy Krueger. Described by “final girl” Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) as a man with “knives for fingers” and a “dirty red and green sweater,” this sleep haunting boogeyman caused bad dreams for moviegoers everywhere in the crazily original flick A NIGHTMARE ON...
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Where in the Horror are They Now? Lisa Wilcox!

LISA WILCOX THEN : Call me crazy, but I have a bit of a soft spot for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 4: THE DREAM MASTER and even dare I say A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 5: THE DREAM CHILD. Why you ask? Well, aside from a few cool dream sequences, I really developed a major crush on one of my favorite scream queens of all-time. I adore Lisa Wilcox for a number of...
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