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Lizzy Caplan goes into Extinction along with Michael Pena

I love Lizzy Caplan. I remember first really taking notice for her in the shortly lived but amazing Starz comedy PARTY DOWN, which she co-starred in along with Adam Scott, and then right after that she was in the genre classic CLOVERFIELD and I thought, you know what I've got to start keeping a closer eye on his girl. Then I was over at a friend's house and TRUE...
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Ghostbusters 3 eying Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Melissa McCarthy?!

The massive Sony email hack is once again bringing stunning developments to light. Just the other day we brought you the surprising news that the studio is planning a MEN IN BLACK/21 JUMP STREET crossover, and today we've got one or two blockbuster updates on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 . This was bound to happen. First up, some really huge names are being considered to star in the Paul Feig...
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Horror Whores: "True Blood" (2008)

I've expressed before my undying love for Evangeline Lilly, right? Well if there was no Evangeline Lilly the next lady to take that love would be the lovely Lynn Collins. I fell hard for this beautiful actress after watching NUMB and have loved her ever since. For today's Horror Whores I'm going with a couple very sexy scenes featuring Collins from HBO's "True Blood." Enjoy and you're...
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