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Millennium Films' Day of the Dead remake finds a director

Millennium Films has set Mark Tonderai to direct a modern-day retelling of the George Romero-directed cult zombie film DAY OF THE DEAD, according to Deadline. Tonderai, best known for helming last years HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET , wrote the script with Lars Jacobson. Earlier this year we shared the news that a DAY OF THE DEAD remake was coming our way, and only recently...
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Day of the Dead remake being produced by Texas Chainsaw 3D team

Christa Campbell and Latie Grobman, two of the forces behind this year's TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D , are now behind a remake of George A. Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD , reports the L.A. Times. You'll recall that DAY OF THE DEAD was already remade once, dreadfully, in 2008 by Steve Miner. (Ironically, that starred Scream Queen Campbell). Campbell and Grobman apparently bought the...
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