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Lotus Entertainment acquires Jeff Buhler's spec script Descendant

As a fan of Clive Barker's story that inspired Ryûhei Kitamura's 2009 MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN , I was very pleased with the film adaptation. Sure, Kitamura did a hell of a job helming it, but a lot of praise should also go to Jeff Buhler, who handled the screenplay duties. Now we've learned that Buhler has something new in the works and it sounds like something worth...
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Lotus Entertainment lands time-travel thriller spec Revelation

We love a good time travel flick, especially when it has some darker overtones. I'm talking films like LOOPER and other hardcore sci-fi films that use the time-travel element in unique and fun ways. Now Deadline is reporting that we may soon be seeing another film in that vein as Lotus Entertainment has landed the rights to Hernany Perla’s time-travel thriller spec...
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