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Wes Craven's Swamp Thing swims to Blu-ray this summer!

Wes Craven's bizarro cult classic SWAMP THING is getting cleaned up - well, as clean as it can possibly get - for a Blu-ray release courtesy of, you guessed it, the Shout! Factory! Seriously, can these guys do any wrong? For connoisseurs of such things, it should be noted that Shout! will only be releasing the 91-minute U.S. cut (the same one that is available now on DVD). There is...
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Horror Whores: Swamp Thing (1982)

For today's Horror Whores I've decided to go with a somewhat classic in Wes Craven's SWAMP THING. Now I'm a big fan of Wes Craven. Big! But SWAMP THING isn't like Craven's usual works... For one it's got an extended topless scene featuring Adrienne Barbeau! That's right folks, Barbeau is today's Horror Whore! In this scene we've got the busty actress taking a little bath in the swamp....
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