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New UK trailer and stills for the Mo Brothers' Killers

We've been stoked to check out the Mo Brothers' KILLERS for a while now. Our desire to peep it was intensified with our own Chris Bumbray's review out of Sundance (check that out HERE ) where he called it " easily the best serial-killer thriller to come out since I SAW THE DEVIL ". While we wait on Well Go USA to release it here in the States, our friends...
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Well Go USA picks up Mo Bros' Killers

Great news, folks! Not only did Well Go USA just nab the Mo Brothers' ultraviolent thriller KILLERS for distribution, but The Wrap reports that they are planning a domestic theatrical release for late 2014. We've been anticipating this one for quite some time so it's nice to know that we'll be getting our eyes on KILLERS sooner rather than later. Check out our review...
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Torturous new imagery from The Mo Brothers' Killers

If you're a regular visitor of AITH then you know just how excited we are for The Mo Brothers' upcoming Indonesian thriller KILLERS . Today we were lucky enough to have been graced with a bunch of badass new stills from the flick, and damn does it look sick. The film is currently getting set to bloody up the Sundance Film Festival . The film was developed by The Mo...
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