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A clip from Dan Walton & Dan Zachary's BIND is here to haunt you

Dan Walton and Dan Zachary’s upcoming supernatural chiller BIND has done the great deed of freaking us the f*ck out time and time again, and today is no different as we just got our hands on a clip from the film in which Ben—played by Darren Matheson—awakes from a trance like state with a bloody axe in his hands and no recollection of how it got there. You know, the...

Dan Walton's Bind trailer crawls out of the dark

Dan Walton's upcoming supernatural chiller BIND has just graced us with its first official trailer, and it's quite the skin crawler. The last time we saw anything from BIND was that ridiculously disturbing bathtub image that I still can't shake from my brain—it's a good thing I don't shower, right? Right...? Anyway, If you missed the last set of stills...

Disturbing new Bind stills come crawling out of the bathtub

Today we're following up on our last set of nasty stills from Dan Walton's upcoming supernatural chiller BIND with a some even more disturbing pics! BIND will be getting a release in the spring so what better way to wait for it than with some grotesque new imagery? If you're out of the know on BIND, here's what the flick is about: A family moves into an...

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