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Scream Factory reveals artwork for Larry Fessenden's Beneath

I'm a big fan of genre-fave Larry Fessenden and that's why I'm excited that his latest, the monstrous morality tale BENEATH, will soon be hitting Blu-ray/DVD thanks to the fine folks at Scream Factory and we've got your first look at the artwork for the March 2014 release below. You may remember that Fessenden's BENEATH played as part of the line-up at The...
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Get out of the water before watching this clip from SyFy's Ghost Shark

It's the summer of the shark! At least for SyFy, it is. Yesterday we brought you the insane trailer for Active Entertainment's GHOST SHARK, which is set to premiere on SyFy on August 22nd. After the viral success of last Thursday's SHARKNADO, I'm sure SyFy is counting on GHOST SHARK to take a bite out of the ratings when this crazy-sounding flick airs....
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How can SyFy top the insanity of Sharknado? How about a Ghost Shark!

Much has already been said about the SyFy/The Asylum hit SHARKNADO, which became a Twitter sensation when it premiered last Thursday night. So how does SyFy plan on following up the insanity that SHARKNADO brought to us? How does a supernatural shark sound to ya? SyFy will be bringing us GHOST SHARK on August 22nd, and we've got the totally insane trailer for this crazy...
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There's something below the surface in this trailer for Fessenden's Beneath

Larry Fessenden is a genre-mainstay who seemingly can do it all. He's a fantastic actor, an intelligent writer, and one hell of a director, so anytime the guy attaches himself to a project it immediately gets my attention. Last week we shared the poster for his latest directing effort, the horror-on-the-water tale BENEATH, which had its premiere this past weekend at the Stanley...
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New poster for Chiller's Larry Fessenden-helmed Beneath stirs the surface

We have a look at the first poster for genre fave Larry Fessenden's upcoming terror-filled BENEATH, scheduled to play as part of the line-up of The Stanley Film Festival, an inaugural festival celebrating the best in independent horror that is going down in Estes Park, Colorado at the famous Stanley Hotel, the haunted landmark that inspired the Overlook Hotel for Stephen King's...
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