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Fantasia 2013 Wrap Up!

And so, another great year of the Fantasia Film Festival is in the books. Overall, it was another awesome year, filled with jam-packed, crazy screenings with ultra-enthusiastic audiences, laid back celebrity guests, and plenty of late-night drinking at the Irish Embassy in Montreal. At twenty-days, Fantasia ranks among one of the longest film festivals I’ve ever heard of, but...
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Prepare to practice Magic Magic on DVD in August

Last month we brought you the trailer to Sebastian Silva's latest film, the Michael Cera-starring MAGIC MAGIC, which ran as part of the Park City at Midnight program at this years Sundance Film Festival, and today we have the home video specs for the flick as it is scheduled to hit DVD on August 6 2013. Read on! From the Press Release From award-winning Chilean...
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Fantasia 2013 first wave of titles announced

The most outstanding and largest genre film festival in North America is gearing up for another exciting event starting on July 18 and running through August 6 2013, and today we have the first wave of titles that will be playing at Fantasia 2013 for you below! The full lineup will be announced shortly. For now, we are pleased to reveal a small sampling of highlights to whet...
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Watch Michael Cera get creepy in this unsettling trailer for Magic Magic

I've always thought that Michael Cera was a creepy lil' dude, but maybe that's because he seems a little awkward. After checking out the trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film MAGIC MAGIC, I need to give Cera more credit. His awkwardness really lends itself to selling the actor as a creepy wierdo in his role in Sebastian Silva's latest film. I gotta admit,...
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