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AMC's The Walking Dead marathon details

With the return of Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” still a ways off, AMC is preparing for an epic marathon beginning on December 30th, one that will relive the last four years of the show with every episode of the series thus far. Dayum! Starting with the pilot episode, “Days Gone Bye”, and ending with the mid-Season 5 finale, “Coda”, on January 3rd,...
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Promo & info on AMC's Dead, White & Blue Weekend: The Walking Dead Marathon

American's love our 4th of July celebrations. Beer, barbeques, and fireworks are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Independence Day celebrations go, but AMC wants you to spend the holiday weekend with a marathon session of all four seasons of their hit cable series "The Walking Dead" with the "Dead, White and Blue Weekend", which will end in a special episode...
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The Twilight Zone Season Three episodes-only DVD coming soon, plus marathon on July 4th!

Anyone who knows me knows that I worship at the alter of "The Twilight Zone". Honestly, if you're a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, I don't see how you can't. And though I own every season on Blu-ray and DVD, I still get excited when July 4th comes around, because that signals another TZ marathon. Yes, I watch those chopped-down episodes, commercial breaks and all, because I simply...
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Exclusive! Final words on the AITH Evil Dead big screen marathon!

Our LA  EVIL DEAD BIG SCREEN MARATHON ,which will be hosted by Arrow in the Head's very own JimmyO (with video crew in tow) is around the corner (Thursday, April 4th,  5:30pm, at Village Theate, Westwood California!), so here's a recap of what's in store for yall! You get to watch Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD , EVIL DEAD 2 , ARMY OF DARKNESS and Fede Alvarez's...
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Exclusive: Greg Nicotero, Ted Raimi and Scott Spiegel join our Evil Dead marathon!

We're crawling ever closer to our amazing EVIL DEAD MARATHON in L.A.; in just a few short weeks, a mob of deadites will descend upon Westwood Village to catch the original three EVIL DEAD films and the EVIL DEAD remake in a festival of frightful fun. Are you going to be among the lucky ones? We've brought you exclusive details on the marathon before (check them HERE ), and...
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Exclusive: Guest details for our Evil Dead marathon in L.A. this April! Win a free Fest pass!

A few weeks ago, we brought you the awesome news that we're hosting an EVIL DEAD MARATHON in L.A.  on Thursday, April 4th at the Regency Westwood Village Theatre (961 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024).   (GET YOUR TICKETS HERE) . Yes, Sam Raimi's original trilogy plus Fede Alvarez's remake , all swallowing your soul in one bloody good night filled with props from the...
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Albert Pyun fest in Chicago: Cyborg, Nemesis and Road to Hell!

I'm sure we've got plenty of Albert Pyun fans out there, so this one's for you: an Albert Pyun triple feature, featuring CYBORG (the Director's Cut), NEMESIS and ROAD TO HELL - all accompanied by the man himself! This event goes down in Chicago on Saturday, March 9th, so all you Pyun fans who aren't in Illinois had better book your plane tickets now. Pyun, and producer and...
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Arrow in the Head Presents: The Evil Dead marathon! The 4 films on the big screen!

Want to see the three original EVIL DEAD films and the remake all in one amazing soul-swallowing night?! Then Arrow in the Head has got you covered! If you're living in L.A. (or feel up to visiting the city for this awesome event), you'll have the chance to see Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD , EVIL DEAD 2 , ARMY OF DARKNESS and Fede Alvarez's EVIL DEAD REMAKE , on APRIL...
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The Crypt Keeper returns to ring in the New Year with FearNet

Fans of the HBO anthology series TALES FROM THE CRYPT will have a unique way to ring in the New Year this December 31st. FearNet will be staging it's first ever New Year's Shockin' Eve with a marathon of the blackly comedic show hosted by none other than the Crypt Keeper himself. The event sees John Kassir returning to the role for the first time in 15 years to host new interstitial...
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