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Michael Fassbender gets a second chance in new Assassin's Creed trailer

The questionable music choices continue in the second trailer for director Justin Kurzel's video game adaptation ASSASSIN'S CREED , but the icongruent song here is certainly better than the Kanye West featured in the first trailer . Music aside, this trailer does set up an intriguing story and mixes cool visuals with the always entertaining sight of Michael Fassbender...
5 days ago
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Fassbender fights through the ages in Assassin's Creed trailer

20th Century Fox's live action adaptation of the Ubisoft ASSASSIN'S CREED video game franchise is set to reach theatres December 21st, and seven months out the studio has started revving up the hype machine. The first trailer for the film has dropped online to give a glimpse of the large scale action it has in store for viewers. Directed by Justin Kurzel,...
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Kill of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

You know I never really thought THE DARK KNIGHT RISES had a fair shot. I mean, how in the hell do you follow up a movie like THE DARK KNIGHT? While RISES didn't come close to THE DARK KNIGHT I still think it's a phenomenal movie. That's just this schmuck's opinion. Today THE DARK KNIGHT RISES makes it's debut here on Kill of the Day. Personally this scene was one of my favorite of the...
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Christopher Nolan is in talks to go Interstellar

Christopher Nolan may have just found his post-DARK KNIGHT RISES project. Insiders are reporting the director is in talks to return to the sci-fi genre with INTERSTELLAR. The film is based on the scientific theories of physicist Kip Thorne with a script and story by Jonathan Nolan. While details on the plot are scant, reports say the film involves time travel and alternate...
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