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New teaser trailer for Hidden In The Woods, starring William Forsythe

It's been too long since we've caught a new look at the Patricio Valladares-directed English-language remake of his Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS , but now we're here to change all of that with an all new teaser trailer that dishes out plenty of carnage in just 60 seconds. My kind of teaser! I haven't seen the original film so I have no idea what to expect out...
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Teaser art for Altered Perception is an eyeful

Towards the tail end of October we learned of a new flick from Blanc-Biehn Productions titled ALTERED PERCEPTION , and today we've been lucky enough to snag some cool teaser art for the flick. If you've been keeping track, Blanc-Biehn Productions have been steadily dishing out film after film with THE NIGHT VISITOR, THE GIRL and the HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake, all of which...
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Jon Huertas to feel the effects of Altered Perception

Blanc-Biehn Productions has been churning out film after film lately with THE NIGHT VISITOR, THE GIRL and the HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake all being covered by AITH over the past few months, and now the production company has another intriguing project in the works with ALTERED PERCEPTION and today we have some interesting casting news to share with ya below! "Caste" star...
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