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First Look: Incident at Ghost Land from Martyrs director Pascal Laugier

While one of the toughest films ever to sit through once - let alone twice - writer-director Pascal Laugier's MARTYRS is one of my favorite films of the past few years, and one I recommend all the time. With that in mind, I'm looking forward to his new film INCIDENT AT GHOST LAND (expect a title change) and today we have your first look at the film via Brad over at...
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Martyrs (2015 Remake) (Movie Review)

PLOT : Seeking revenge on the people who abducted and tortured her a decade earlier, a young woman unearths some horrific secrets. REVIEW : A few great films came out of what is apparently being called the "New French Extremity movement", but the one that seems to be the most enduringly popular, the one that gets brought up most often, is Pascal Laugier's 2008 film...
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Bloody new Martyrs clip features a very sharp knife

Last week we premiered a torture-heavy clip from the forthcoming MARTYRS remake , which most of you seem pretty displeased about. Not sure if today's clip will change your stance on the flick, but you'll have to hand it to the movie's PR team: They're giving us the nasty "goods" right out of the gate. Today's clip features a jump scare, some...
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Exclusive clip from the Martyrs remake will make you squirm

Love the idea or resent it, we're getting a MARTYRS remake a few short weeks from now, and today we've got an exclusive clip from the film to share with you. When you think MARTYRS, you think torture, and the following scene has enough of that nastiness to make you fairly uncomfortable. Borderline NSFW stuff here, unless you work at a place that shrugs off electroshock therapy....
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Martyrs remake skewers itself a trailer and Blu-Ray release date

The remake of MARTYRS that until recently seemed like a distant bad dream is now rushing inexorably toward us. Not only did we get the release date, stills, and poster in a matter of weeks, now the theatrical trailer and  home video release  have bubbled up from the pool of blood. It's all happening so fast, it's like they're hoping we'll be so blindsided...
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All-new theatrical poster and images bleed out from Martyrs remake

The remake of  MARTYRS is notorious for almost the exact opposite reasons of the original French film. Where that film was bloody and brutal, many are worried that an American production will reduce its extreme quality to be more palatable and thus totally pointless.  I'm not here to make a decision one way or another, not having seen it yet, but the massive...
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Martyrs remake gets a January release date

It was way back in June when we heard that Anchor Bay had picked up the distribution rights to the American remake of Pascal Laugier's 2008 French film MARTYRS . Those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles and torture racks to find out when exactly the release date will be, rejoice! Anchor Bay has announced that they will be releasing the film in theatres and on...
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What's the Most Overrated Horror Film of the Last 20 Years?

Is there a movie everyone else seems to love and you think simply stinks? Is there a recent horror flick that made a bundle at the box office while you're left scratching your head thinking, "Why the hell is everyone flocking to see this crud?!" Then boogie with us as we go over our Most Overrated Movies of the last 20 Years! Granted, these are just our measly opinions,...
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Sitges' 2015 lineup brings on the horror

  Genre picks have always been a big hit at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, to the tune of 40 flicks from last year's lineup receiving theatrical distribution. This year the lineup is bringing on the horror in an even bigger way, curating top films from all across the world and paying special attention to the new wave of Japanese horror, the Renaissance...
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Anchor Bay to release Martyrs remake on unsuspecting public

The French extremist horror film MARTYRS has captured the sick imaginations of hardcore audiences worldwide, but the real intrigue begins at home. When the news broke in February that an American remake of MARTYRS was being produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, fans were surprised to hear that the flick had already finished filming under the radar. We were all left...
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First look at the Goetz Brothers' Martyrs remake

Not only did we learn last month that there was indeed a remake to Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS moving forward, but the film had already finished shooting and we now have its first still along with a poster to share. The minds behind the MARTYRS remake is the Goetz Brothers (SCENIC ROUTE) and was produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company. The synopsis: Ten-year-old...
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Martyrs remake moving forward; The Goetz Brothers to direct

The long-gestating remake of Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS seems to finally be moving forward as the folks at Fantastic Fest have shared an early sales poster out of Berlin’s EFM that reveal the production companies working to bring it to the screen as well as who will be taking the helm on what is being billed as " The Ultimate Horror Movie ". Jason Blum's...
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