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Trailer: Home invasion horror-thriller Jackals starring Stephen Dorff

Earlier today we brought you guys the new poster for horror comedy DEAD SHACK . In that post, I mentioned that the film had made its way onto my "must-see" list and now we have the new trailer for the home invasion thriller JACKALS , which based on this trailer has also now earned a spot on that list. I'm a big fan of home invasion flicks - especially ones where the...
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Cool Horror Gear: Goosebumps collection from Fright-Rags!

I'm thinking it is more than a little obvious at this point that I am a massive fan of R.L. Stine - and more specifically his GOOSEBUMPS book series. Sure, I love the FEAR STREET books as well, and the GOOSEBUMPS movie was a blast and a half! That said, nothing beats the good old-fashioned original GOOSEBUMPS book series in my eyes. If the stories don't quite hold up...
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Cool Horror Gear: 30th Anniversary Predator shirts, socks, and masks

While we have all been giving mucho love to the upcoming Shane Black-directed THE PREDATOR , let us not forget about the original. As if that were possible. 30 years ago, PREDATOR hit theaters on June 12, 1987, and a new icon was born. And he was one ugly motherf*cker. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of PREDATOR , Fright Rags will be releasing a whole new set of badass shits,...
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Cool Horror Gear: Trick or Treat Studios' Halloween III masks

Halloween is just a few short months away and I'm already excited for it. I see that stores have already started putting out Halloween goodies (yeah, it's only August but I dig that they're getting an early start on my favorite holiday!) and some peeps are already making plans for their costumes. Now Trick or Treat Studios has something wickedly awesome for fans of HALLOWEEN...
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Kill of the Day: Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

So last night I finally had a chance to tap KICK-ASS 2 and I've got to say, I had a blast with it! I know KICK-ASS 2 doesn't really fall under the "horror" category but this shite is probably more violent than half the horror flicks out there, plus with KICK-ASS 2 hitting DVD this week the ads are plastered all over the place so I figured now would be a good time to take a look at this...
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Kill of the Day: Halloween II (2009)

While Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN II left a lot to be desired. ... A lot. The film did have some fun moments. Or as close to fun as you can get. Take today's Kill of the Day for example. On this All Hallow's Eve we're taking a look back at Zombie's sequel and this death scene from the flick. In the scene we've got some guy mouthing off to an unmasked Michael Myers. Mask or no mask I highly...
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Top 10 Scary Movie Masks!

So, who's going to see YOU'RE NEXT this weekend? Shite looks pretty gnarly, right? It sure does, in no small part due to those savage animalistic masks the perps are sporting in the picture. What the hell are those things supposed to be anyway? Sheep? Bear? Rabbit? I don't care what it is, the whole thing's pretty goddamn disturbing. But is that really all that surprising? Hell no, creepy...
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Face-Off: Inside Vs. The Strangers

We had some fantastic comments on our last survival horror Face-Off . It seemed that ya'll had a good time reading through it and that's what makes it all worthwhile. And everyone agreed that THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake would easily best WOLF CREEK. Killer. Today, we are calling up a Face-Off inspired by this summer's upcoming horror offering, THE PURGE, which between you, me, and the...
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