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Happy Birthday Trailer: Careful what you wish for, unless it's Steven Tyler

In the trailer for the upcoming horror flick HAPPY BIRTHDAY , a vacation goes awry (or exactly as expected, for horror fans) for Matt Bush (ADVENTURELAND) and Riley Litman (SUN CHOKE). The flick is from writer-director Casey Tebo, who has previously directed quite a few rock concert movies, including AEROSMITH: ROCK FOR THE RISING SUN. That would explain how he got...
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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to appear in Casey Tebo's Happy Birthday!

After making several concert films over the last few years, director Casey Tebo has moved on to making a narrative feature in the horror genre, and he has brought a rock 'n roll legend along with him: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler makes an appearance in Tebo's film HAPPY BIRTHDAY! as a character called Kasape Suka. A "mesmerizing", "fast-paced horror...
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Horror Whores: Piranha 3DD (2012)

For today's Horror Whores we've got a couple hotties ready to give it up for The Hoff. That's right people, I'm talking about David Hasselhoff! In this clip from PIRANHA 3DD we've got Hoff singing a little song he wrote about love. His audience is a couple of hotties who are just begging for some from The Hoff. Can you blame them? Piranha 3DD (2012) CLICK...
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